Affordable Luxury Houses In Los Suenos

Houses in Los SuenosHouses in Los Suenos offer the best of everything that Costa Rica has to offer. The country is a beautiful playground. High waves, beautiful beaches, and cheap housing are in abundance along the Central Pacific.

Why live in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is modern and inexpensive. The country’s healthcare system is better ranked better than that of the United States, and citizens enjoy universal health care with a life expectancy of 77 years. Residents enjoy miles of pristine beaches, a well-regarded surfing scene, and a luscious jungle.

In addition to an excellent healthcare system, it is easy to work in Costa Rica. Obtaining work or becoming an entrepreneur is incredibly simple. A standard 90-day tourist visa allows you to buy a business or even build your own.

It is not only easy to start a business but to travel to Costa Rica. A visa is not required for residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, France, and many other countries to visit. Just bring a passport and your return ticket and enjoy your new vacation property.

Once here, life is cheap. Accommodation for a typical citizen ranges from $400 to $900 with a comfortable life within grasp for as little as $2500 per month.

Where can I buy a house in Costa Rica?

Purchasing a home or even land in Costa Rica does not require citizenship. The country’s constitution protects land ownership for anyone.

Due to this, there are many different areas where a foreign citizen can purchase a home. Those looking to take advantage of the coastline can buy a condominium in Los Suenos.  Our residences offer stunning views in a variety of communities.

Where is Los Suenos?

Los Suenos lies on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Our communities sit just minutes from the open ocean. Our they have access to an exclusive marina.

Our community resides off Highway 34 in Herradura. Shopping, hospitals, and schools are just down the road.

What types of communities are available in Los Suenos?

There are over a dozen communities in Los Suenos. Each offers a unique living experience. Golf course and coast access are just a few of the many amenities available to our residents.

Houses and condominiums are well constructed and luxurious. 10-foot ceilings, spacious living rooms, and gold engravings are available throughout our residences. Each comes with as much as 3100 square feet of space.

Can I afford a house in Los Suenos?

Luxury is inexpensive in Costa Rica. Los Suenos is affordable at between $200000 and $500000 for most of the homes. Most of our large estates cost as much as a typical home in a quickly growing metropolis in the United States.

There is no compromise between price and comfort in our communities. Landscaping, pools, and beach access are coupled with state-of-the-art design and construction.

Luxury and affordability are within reach in Costa Rica. Houses in Los Suenos offer access to million-dollar views at a fraction of the price. Contact us today to find out more.

Houses In Los Suenos
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50 meters before Los Sueños Resort Entrance, Herradura, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

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