Costa Rica Sportfishing Vacation Packages

Why Costa Rica Sportfishing?

Costa Rica is a fisherman’s dream. From unusual species to a great mix of trophy fish, the choice is yours. Marlin or Snook?  Sailfish or Dorado? The choice is ultimately yours. Costa Rica sportfishing always has something to offer.

If you have been planning a sportfishing trip, Costa Rica is sure to have been top on the list. It has some of the best sportfishing in the world. Whether you want to fish in-shore or off-shore we have the perfect venue for you.

What types of fish can you typically catch?


·         Rooster fish

A large, hard fighting bruiser being the sole member of the Nematistiidae family of fish.  The rooster fish is easily recognizable by its long black threadlike dorsal fins that give it its name. 

·         Snapper

A diverse family of bottom dwelling food fishes that are often found over reefs and wrecks.  The mangrove snapper is also found inshore over rocks or in mangroves.

·         Snook

A favorite food and game fish found throughout the inshore grass flats and mangrove estuaries of Costa Rica. 


·         Wahoo

A member of the mackerel family that often exceeds 50 pounds.  It is a top game and food fish and is recognized by its sleek torpedo shape and vertical stripes.

·         Dorado

Also known as the Mahi-Mahi or Dolphin fish.  One of the tastiest fishes in the ocean, as well as the most colorful.  The Dorado is also prized for its fighting abilities.

  •        Sailfish

A favorite offshore fish known for its beauty as well as its aerial acrobatics when hooked.  The sailfish is often released after catching to fight another day.

·         Yellow Fin Tuna

The yellowfin is pure muscle, and for its size is unmatched in its tackle-busting ability.  Very good on the table as well.

·         Black and Blue Marlins


The Marlins are the heavyweights of offshore, with catches well over six to eight hundred pounds not uncommon.  After fighting one of these for several hours, you’ll feel muscles that you never knew you had.  These are often tagged and released upon bringing them along side of the boat.

Our Fleet


At any given time, we have over 30 vessels operating ranging from 25 up to 60 feet in length.  Whether you are traveling with several co-workers, just your family, or all by yourself, we have a charter that will suit you needs with experienced captains, helpful mates, and top tier tackle. 


Why book a Costa Rica sportfishing vacation package?


Plan a dream fishing trip with the help of our experts. We understand that everyone has their own idea of what the perfect trip consists of, and we’ll make your dream trip happen.  Just give us a call, tell us what you’d like to do, and we’ll take care of the details. You can concentrate on fishing and leave everything else to us. We will make sure that your transportation, accommodations, and time on the water is all taken care of in your stay in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Sportfishing
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