Dine Well While Staying In Los Suenos Vacation Condos

Costa RicaThe charming Republic of Costa Rica packs a lot of things to see and do into a country roughly the size of West Virginia. Here one may marvel at stately volcanoes, explore the verdant jungle and bask on pristine beaches all within easy reach of Los Suenos vacation condos. Of course, your Costa Rica days will include some mighty delicious dining, too.


Costa Rica cuisine

Start any day of the week with a yummy breakfast food called Gallo Pinto. The name means “spotted rooster” even though it contains no chicken whatsoever. This local eye opener comprises black beans and rice along with cilantro, onions and spicy peppers. With origins in Nicaragua, Gallo pinto is a dish you can learn to cook in your Los Suenos vacation condos.

When a waiter asks if you’d like to try the casado, be prepared to sample several foods at once. Of course, a casado plate offers typical rice and black beans, but the rest is up to the chef’s discretion. Casado may include fried plantain bananas, fresh tortillas, and salad fixings along with a meat such as chicken, beef or fish. In most kitchens, fresh fruit juice is served with Casado.

Venture outside your Los Suenos vacation condos and drop into a local eatery for a steaming platter of tamal. Bear in mind that a Costa Rican tamal is not identical to a Mexican tamale. Instead of corn husks, Costa Rican tamales are wrapped in banana leaves. CR cuisine tends to be milder than Mexican, too. Aside from that, this yummy local favorite may be enjoyed for any meal of the day.

Black bean soup, or Sopa Negra, is one of the most famous local soups for an excellent reason. It may take all day to prepare a pot of this nutritious, vegetarian soup and the results are well worth the time. For an authentic Costa Rica dining experience, top your bowl of Sopa Negra with a dollop of sour cream and a generous splash of Tabasco sauce.

Expats welcome

If you think the American expat scene is new to Costa Rica, please think again. In fact, this lovely, environmentally conscious country has been attracting residents from the US for decades. You’ll meet folks who speak English practically everywhere you go.

These days, a lot of people are opting to live their retirement years in a country other than their own. If you’re considering a move to Costa Rica, stay awhile in one of our luxurious Los Suenos vacation condos. Spend a few weeks getting to know the place, try the local cuisine and meet your new neighbors. Many people will tell you that life is good in Costa Rica, but there’s nothing like seeing a place and deciding for yourself.

When you’re ready to start planning your trip to Costa Rica, give us a call and tell us when to expect you. Let’s chat about your dream vacation and the sort of amenities you prefer. We are pleased to present a beautiful selection of upscale Los Suenos vacation condos that will suit your purposes perfectly.

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