6 Interesting Things To Do On Your Costa Rica Sportfishing Tour

As far as ecotourism is concerned, Costa Rica is a force to reckon with. The Central American country has it all: year-round warm weather, rainforests, diverse wildlife, great water bodies and amazing aquatic life. Nightlife is also great, to cap it all.

In all of these, what seems to draw most people to this delightful country is the aquatic life. Costa Rica Sportfishing tour can be fantastic and water lovers are unable to resist the urge when they get an idea of how great it can be. If you are planning a sportfishing tour in the country, here are six exciting things you should look forward to:

Catching Different Species of Fish

This is probably the primary reason you are here to make the best out of it. Costa Rica is blessed with incredible aquatic life, and you will be able to catch several different species depending on where you fish. The North Pacific, Central & South Pacific, and Caribbean Coasts are great places for all-year-round fishing. There are species you can keep if you catch and others you will have to release.

Scuba Diving

Another exciting thing to do on your Costa Rica sportfishing tour is scuba diving. While you can fish for fun and catch a variety of fish species, you will not be able to fully behold the wonders of the aquatic life of Costa Rica. Scuba diving will give you the ample opportunity to see most of the marine species and appreciate the biodiversity of the water bodies. This will offer an unforgettable experience.

Waterfall rappelling

In Costa Rica, there are several beautiful waterfalls, and you can enjoy them in some ways. To get the best experience, however, waterfall rappelling will be your best option. Waterfall rappelling, which is also called canyoning, offers the best possible experience in some waterfalls even though you don’t have to submerge yourself.


This is not an activity you can do at any time of the year. If your Costa Rica sportfishing tour is anytime between November and May, there will be enough wind to kiteboard and enjoy the fantastic experience. Even if you haven’t done this before, there are some instructors to put you through with Kiteboarding. 

Taking an ATV tour

Taking an ATV tour is another great way to enjoy your time in Costa Rica. This is the best way to enjoy an adventure in the jungle or the surrounding forests when you are not fishing. It will give you the opportunity to see more of Costa Rica wildlife. 


Boating can mean different things in Costa Rica, but here we are talking about a peaceful boat cruise up and down the coastline. Enjoying a quiet sunset cruise can be one of the best ways to relax during your Costa Rica sportfishing tour. There are charter companies that offer group and private trips.

Besides all these enjoyable activities, it will be great to spend quality time with your family in Costa Rica.

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