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Beautiful Los Suenos homes for sale are listed in Stay in Costa Rica. We’re not just the best agency to call if you’re planning a vacation to Costa Rica, we are also a full-service real estate agency dedicated to helping our clients find beautiful properties for investment. If you’re currently searching the market and are in need of a reliable agent to work with during the negotiating and buying process, consider calling us.

Agents at Stay in Costa Rica specialize in the beautiful, prestigious Costa Rica area, particularly the luxury location of Los Suenos. We have a great deal of local knowledge to benefit your search, along with negotiation skills to maximize your budget. Our agents will help you find a property that is within proximity to your preferred amenities.

Whether you’re interested in world-class sport fishing, enjoy spending time in the tropical sun, or just love the great outdoors, Los Suenos is the perfect place to live. If you’re looking for a luxurious retirement location, you won’t find one more suited to a leisurely lifestyle than Costa Rica. We receive a lot of questions from clients regarding retirement in Los Suenos. One of the primary inquiries we receive is from clients wondering just how far their nest egg will go in Los Suenos. The answer just may surprise you!

Los Suenos is one of the last frontiers on the planet for luxurious, affordable living; in fact, it is a unique area that can provide residents a wide range of outdoor activities and hobbies. Many US residents moving to Los Suenos sell their vehicles before moving and simply rely on day rentals in the event that they want to take a day-excursion to another location in Costa Rica. Walking and bicycling are two of the best ways to get around Los Suenos- and can provide significant savings over time.

If you’re ready to search Los Suenos homes for sale, you can begin a new home search right over our website by clicking the ‘Real Estate’ link and selecting ‘Listings’. Next, choose from ‘Inside Los Suenos’ and ‘Outside Los Suenos’, depending on the area where you are interested in owning property. For many of our clients, living inside of Los Suenos is the most cost-efficient option, since nearby amenities are almost all within walking distance.

You’ll find numerous Los Suenos homes for sale in the luxurious Vista Tres Bahias community, including a gorgeous split-level six bedroom, six bath home that is currently available through our agency. This exceptional home would be perfect for a large family, or for a professional who enjoys entertaining corporate clients or hosting large parties.

See all of our listings by browsing beautiful Los Suenos homes for sale on our website and feel free to reach out to one of our agents if you have questions or would like to learn more about our agency. Stay in Costa Rica is proud to provide custom, tailored real estate services for clients looking into land development, the purchase of a personal luxury residence, or vacation home with rental income opportunities.

Los Suenos Homes For Sale
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50 meters before Los Sueños Resort Entrance, Herradura, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

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