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Los Sueños Resort and the Central Pacific area offers lots of different activities you can enjoy with your family so you have a vacation to remember for a lifetime.
Below you will find some of the tours we recommend for families. You can see a complete list of activities here. You can also speak with our friendly and professional staff available 24/7 that will recommend you activities depending on your family interests.

We offer a bit of everything so you can see it all

Head aboard a boat across the Damas Mangrove where the guide will start calling the monkeys that will get into the boat to greet you. In this tour you can see not even one, two or three monkeys but even 20 white faced monkeys at a time. You will also spot different species of birds, mammals and reptiles in their natural habitat.

Get close to rainforest wildlife, swim in calm turquoise waters and rest under a tree after a guided walk through the rainforest in which sloths, 3 species of monkeys, rain frogs, toucans and many more beautiful animals are not uncommon. Join us for an enjoyable day of sun and wildlife!

Turubari is the biggest and most complete tropical park, a fresh destination with unspoiled natural environment and a thoughtful commitment to sustainable tourism. You will discover the best of the butterflies, exclusive botanical collections, amazing forest trails, adventure tours and much more.

Enjoy a day at the beach while you have fun practicing this popular sport while you learn basic ocean knowledge: How to read waves, the tides, swells, and wind. Also learn the fundamentals of the sport: Paddling methods, how to “duck dive” and how to sand up. Surf trips to different locals surf sport also available for experienced surfers too.

This exciting tour can be considered a thrill of a lifetime as you traverse the tropical primary forest on a system of cables and platforms. Using very safe equipment t and in the hands of experience guides, you climb to the top for a birds eye view and then experience the exhilaration as you rapidly glide between each platform. There are different Canopy tours in close proximity to our accommodations.

Close to the Carara Biological Reserve is the Tárcoles River, home of a wide variety of birds and crocodiles. A trip down stream will show you the Guacalillo Mangroves, nesting place for the Scarlet Macaw and on the river banks you will see numerous species of birds such as: pelicans, ospreys, frigates, etc. Very spectacular are crocodiles, some measuring up to 23 feet. Take pictures of your guide hand feeding one of those enormous animals.

Take a fast boat that departs from Herradura beach outside from Los Sueños and arrive at Tortuga Island in 45 minutes. Arriving early will give you additional time to explore, swim, snorkel and relax.
Snorkeling included in the morning and afternoon. Lunch and refreshment are included.

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