Fishing Report January 2017

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This is Erick Heigold from Stay in Costa Rica, at Los Sueños Resort and Marina.

This was the first month back for Captain Walton Smith, he went out 12 times total bringing a final amount of 18 total bill fish. He looks very comfortable in the Sunny’ s main chair, even in the middle of the first leg of the Triple crown of fishing, the Sunny was able to stick to some nice results, our customers enjoyed fishing on warm waters this January 17’’.

The total tally for the month of January on the Sunny One

8 Marlin

10 Sails

1 Rooster (80 pounds)

3 Tuna

1 Red Snapper

Here at Stay in Costa Rica, we have so many fishermen that we can’t fit them all on the Sunny, here are the stats for some of the other boats that went out this month!


The Blue Daze went out with some of the guy’s that had a big group staying with us, they went offshore fishing, looking for Marlin, they found 1 Marlin and 1 Sail. The 36” Hatteras came back

with the Goal well accomplished.

The Sea Fly is one of the most looked for Boats in the Los Suenos Marina, it went out on the 28th with our guys that were staying in Terrazas, a great Condo with panoramic ocean view!

The Sea Fly is a Maverick yacht built a few miles away from the marina. Here is a link to their boats.

They Caught 2 Mahi and 2 Sails, the Mahi was later prepared by chef Jose at the Condo.

Sea Fly.jpg


Los Suenos holds a triple crown based tournament every year, the Leg l of the tournament was from the 18th to the 21st of the month. 997 billfish were released in the 3 days of tournament, an impressive amount of 212 marlin faught!

The final scoreboard for the Leg I 2017


The Xta Sea took 1st place their count, 6 sails, 12 Marlin and 6600 points, following in 2nd place is The Agitator they released an impressive amount of 30 Sails and 7 Marlin and getting 6500, 3rd place was taken by the Enjoy they went out with 13 Sails and 10 Marlin, 6300 points.


A full press release here

That is all for now. As you see the season is super hot and there are still some great opportunities to come visit and get to experience some of the best fishing in the world. Feel free to contact me to start planning your next fishing adventure.


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