Fishing Report October 30th 2016

Fishing Report October,

Greetings from tropical and warm Costa Rica,

Here at Marina Los Sueños in the Central Pacific coast we had some strong and steady fishing, on our boat, the Sunny one. Captain Ismael Oporto, started of the month with some good fishing and comments from the fishermen.

October the 9th, crew ended up with a count of 2 Sails and 6 tunas, this was clearly a tuna day. Weather was clear and the water was easygoing.

October the 13th, The boys came up with 6 Sails. This day was a stormy day and the fishing was hard but rewarding. The team was received at the Marina and there were some smiles on their faces.

October the 14th, Capt Ismael and the same team from the last day went out to get dinner, but they also found some intense fighting, this day was a 5 Tuna 5 Sailfish day. At the Marina our first mate cleaned up and cut up the tuna, the guys went on to a local restaurant  to have a fresh tuna Dinner.

October 21st, was our last fishing day for the month, it was a rainy day but we ended up releasing 1 Sail.

This was Erick Heigold from Herradura Costa Rica. we will be expecting your business for the next few months.

Thank you for your time,

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