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Is there a beach club at Los Suenos Costa Rica resort?

Yes, there is. The family-friendly beach club at Los Suenos Resort offers all the amenities you’d expect to find at a world-class resort. The 2-acre facility includes a swim-up bar where adults can enjoy a frosty pina colada, mai tai, or other refreshing tropical drink to cool off on a hot Costa Rica day. The beach club at Los Suenos also provides a fabulous swimming pool and invigorating jacuzzi hot tub as well as a sandy white beach with lounge chairs, umbrellas, and plenty of sunshine. The club may be reserved for private functions such as weddings, business meetings, anniversary parties and other entertaining events. Each owner at Los Suenos Costa Rica receives a permanent guest pass that can be used to gain admission for up to eight persons at a time. Resort visitors are entitled to a temporary pass, also good to admit eight, they they may use anytime during their stay at Los Suenos Resort.

What’s good to eat in Costa Rica?

Cuisine in Costa Rica borrows heavily from other cultures, but it’s not exactly the same as any of them. For instance, a tamal is a lot like a Mexican tamale, but typically not as spicy hot. Another difference between Mexican tamales and a Costa Rican tamal is the way it is wrapped. In Mexico, tamales are typically wrapped in corn husks. In Costa Rica, chefs wrap tasty tamals in banana leaves. Served with rice and beans, tamals make a hearty breakfast that will give you plentiful energy to explore Los Suenos Costa Rica. If you can’t decide what to eat, order a mixed plate of casado and a refreshing glass of fruit juice. Few Costa Rican restaurants make casado the same way twice, but you can expect to receive a generous portion of black beans, rice, tortillas, fried bananas, and some sort of tender cooked meat such as pork, fish, chicken, or beef. By the way, the name of this unexpected dish means ‘marriage’ in Spanish, and that’s a great way to describe the assorted foods that comprise a tasty plate of casado.

Are there any craft breweries in Costa Rica?

Due to an abundance of fresh fruits, most people think that Costa Rica is a great place to get a tropical umbrella drink. We’re here to tell you that Costa Rica also offers a nice selection of tasty, locally made craft beers. Lake Arenal Brewery is owned by the hotel by the same name and delivers a couple of exceptional brews. Paradise Pale is a light colored ale that tastes almost like an American IPA. Lake Arenal’s Brown Ale is hoppier and a bit stouter.

Life is good in this friendly Central American country, and people who visit Los Suenos in Costa Rica usually say that they will return. In fact, many Americans find their way to Costa Rica and decide to make it their forever home. When you are ready to book your stay at Los Suenos Resort, give us a call at (888)434-0776



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