Los Suenos Real Estate: Invest In The Greatest Treasure Of Central America

los suenos real estateReal estate has always been an excellent option to invest. Nowadays, the globalization has allowed that many people seek better opportunities for real estate investment outside the United States. Within the possibilities, one of the preferred areas to invest is Latin America. This region is full of opportunities. Its constant growth attracts more and more investors.

In that sense, Costa Rica has become one of the preferred destinations to acquire a second home, or as an investment opportunity. It is a country that has positive indicators regarding the main criteria that are taken in mind when choosing a new destination: economy, security, job opportunities, climate, legal security, and cost of living.

Costa Rica: Land of Opportunities

Investing in real estate in this country is a wise decision since the properties are permanently revalued. This happens thanks to the economic stability of the country and its high productivity. Since 1994, the Gross Domestic Product has grown steadily, reaching up to 6% in its best years. Also, their exports are increasing. The country has free access to markets such as Chile, Mexico, the United States, the Dominican Republic, Central America, and the European Union.

A Great Tourist Destination

This Central American treasure has a variety of natural attractions such as volcanoes, beaches, and forests. In this paradise, you can practice sports such as kayaking, bungee jumping, surfing, and also ecotourism. It has a high biodiversity of fish, making it one of the best places in the world for fishing sports.

Los Suenos: Costa Rica’s Hidden Treasure

One of the most exclusive areas to invest and enjoy this intertropical paradise is Los Suenos (The Dreams). Located in Herradura Beach, just 10 minutes from Jaco, is an exclusive area that allows investors to enjoy the most paradisiacal of this beautiful nation. Herradura is one of the most beautiful beaches in Central America, and also has excellent facilities such as its modern marina.

It is a destination without equal since tourists or residents can choose between the beautiful beach or the forest to enjoy, and both are at hand. The proximity to Jaco allows that even when the area is exclusive, it is not isolated, and allows the resident access to facilities such as banks and supermarkets.

Los Suenos is an area in full development. In general, properties in Costa Rica are revalued annually between 8 and 12%, and Los Suenos is no exception. In the location, you can find from lots to great houses or condos. They are ideal properties for investment, new residence, second residence, retirement home, or to rent for vacations. In all cases, you will get exceptional ROI.

Finally, the country offers significant advantages when it comes to investing. In recent years, banks in that country have made an effort to provide mortgage loan opportunities for Americans with a good credit score. That allows your chances to expand to the fullest.

Los Suenos Real Estate It’s Your Best Choice

If you are considering acquiring property in this land of opportunities, you are in the best hands. Our specialist Gerry Getty is one of the great gurus of Real Estate. He was founder and director for more than 21 years one of the most significant real estate in America, Intrawest.

Now he is in Costa Rica with Los Suenos real estate, looking for the best investment opportunities for your convenience. You only have to visualize the house of your dreams, and Gerry will make it happen. Contact Us.

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