Los Suenos Vacation Condos

Los Suenos Vacation Condos


los suenos vacation condos

Do I need to speak Spanish to enjoy visiting Costa Rica?

While it’s true that Spanish is the official national language of Costa Rica, you can probably communicate quite well with anyone you meet at our Los Suenos vacation condos, even if English is the only language that you speak. These days, most school students learn to speak English, so communicating with younger people is always an option, especially if you find yourself in a situation where your spotty Spanish is not effective. Of course, you could have a better time exploring away from big cities, if you know at least a few Spanish phrases. Friendly locals won’t mind if your Espanol is less than perfect, so go ahead and take a Spanish class before visiting the beautiful Central American nation of Costa Rica.

Why does everyone in Costa Rica say “Pura vida”?

If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, you undoubtedly heard many people say “aloha” for all sorts of reasons. “Pura vida” is a little bit like that. Although the term translates directly to “pure life” in English, the merry phrase “pura vida” can be used to indicate ‘you’re welcome,’ ‘wonderful news,’ ‘awesome,’ or any number of other meanings. In context, it’s generally pretty easy to know why someone says ‘pura vida’ to you.

Is my American drivers license good in Costa Rica?

As long as it hasn’t expired, you can use your American drivers license throughout Costa Rica. Unlike some other Central and South American countries, visitors are not required to hold an international drivers license. It’s a good idea to carry your passport or visa with you when you drive, too, just in case you get pulled over. Costa Rica traffic rules tend to be very similar to those in the United States, and people drive on the right side of the road, just like you do back home. When you see double yellow lines between lanes, it means that passing another vehicle is not allowed. Hatched lines mean that passing is allowed. Speed limit signs in Costa Rica, when you see them, are typically in kilometers, so be sure to brush up on your metric conversions before you come enjoy our Los Suenos vacation condos. Please remember that in Costa Rica, seat belts are required for the driver and all passengers in a moving vehicle.

Can I use my credit card in Costa Rica?

When you are visit Costa Rica, you can use your American credit card virtually everywhere that’s near our Los Suenos vacation condos. Be sure to tell your card company that you will be traveling, so they don’t put a hold on it the first time you make a purchase in the country. Don’t forget to ask your bank about any foreign transaction fees, too, so you don’t come home to a surprise bill after your Costa Rica adventure. If you have additional questions about visiting Costa Rica, you may call 888 434-0776 and ask us about anything.


Los Suenos Vacation Condos
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