Los Suenos Vacation Rentals: A Culinary Adventure Every Time You Stay

los suenos vacation rentalsLos Suenos Vacation Rentals: A Culinary Adventure Every Time You Stay

If you’re coming to stay for a while in one of our exquisite Los Suenos vacation rentals, rest is undoubtedly on your mind. Don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of time to lounge around and take it easy. All the same, you may find yourself in a mood to head and grab a great Costa Rican meal, too.

Los Suenos vacation rental options

The hardest part about planning your all-inclusive vacation rental package is deciding which of our luxury Los Suenos vacation rentals to reserve. We offer a splendid selection of upscale condominiums as well as an immaculately kept private home that you may lease for your vacation. Whichever you choose, you’re bound to have a wonderful time discovering why the Costa Rica lifestyle is “Pura Vida.”

Los Sueños Resort & Marina sits a mere 90 minutes from San Jose’s Juan Santamaria International Airport. Everyone who stays here says the property is the #1 luxury resort in all of Costa Rica. Travel and Leisure magazine ranks Los Suenos as one of the “world’s best resorts.” Overlooking beautiful Herradura Bay, the Los Sueños Resort boasts a remarkable range of exceptional luxury accommodations from privately owned condominiums to sprawling villas and eco-friendly homes. Each comes with one spectacular view that may include the ocean, jungle, mountains or marina.

What to eat while you are in Costa Rica

Rondon This tasty local dish is never prepared the same way twice. Comprised of whatever ingredients the chef can “run down” at the moment, rondon typically starts with a base of spicy coconut soup into which the cook may add things like fish heads, sweet potatoes, yucca and hot chili pods.

Cacao fresco You probably already know that chocolate comes from cacao pods. What you might not be aware of is the fact that fresh cacao pods are a sweet and tangy taste treat all by themselves. Find a ripe cacao pod and rip it open before consuming the tender white flesh within.

Gallo pinto  Practically the national dish of Costa Rica, some version of Gallo pinto is found in every kitchen and restaurant in the country. Legend has it that the concoction of fried white rice and black beans was initially devised by a San Sebastian farmer who had an influx of surprise dinner guests, all of whom were eager to try a bite of his roasted spotted hen. Go easy with the spicy cumin salsa lizano sauce until you know exactly how much heat you can handle.

Granizados  When you hear a beach vendor yelling, ¡Granizados! get in line for a refreshing local treat. Similar to Hawaiian shave ice, granizados are layered with sweetened condensed milk and a rainbow of fruity flavor syrups.

When you’re ready to know more about the good life in luxury Los Suenos vacation rentals and what to do when you’re in CR, give us a call at 866-439-5922 and ask us anything.

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