October 15th Fishing Report

Bill Fishing in Costa Rica
Costa Rica has been in the top 10 places for Bill Fishing around the world for years and it still holds its reputation with its abundant habitat along the pacific.  Costa Rica´s great for its water and weather conditions staying consistent throughout the year to keep the fish and the fishermen here year round.
The best time of year for fishing typically is January through March but the fishing as of lately says otherwise this green season lets take a look at what October has brought us thus far.
Spanish Fly- 42′ Custom Maverick Capt. Juan Carlos Fallas
Oct. 10th- Full day offshore with great conditions clean blue water and clear sky they released 5 Sail Fish and 1 Stripped Marlin.
Fantastic Fishing!
Oct. 11th- Ruff conditions caught 2 Sails and called it a day.
Hoos you Daddy- 36’ Topaz Sport Fisher Capt Dana Thomas a/c

Oct. 13th-Full day offshore only running about 25 miles out to clean waters and they had a great day releasing 8 out of 9 Sail Fish 2 double headers and 1 Dorado for dinner.

Excellent day!
Dragon Fly- 42′ Custom Maverick Capt. James Smith (hermano de Walton)
Oct. 11th- Full day offshore with great conditions releasing 8 of 11 Sail Fish and 2 Dorado(MahiMahi).
Great Day!
Macushla- 38′ Custom 2005 A/C Capt. Johnny
Oct. 10th- Full day offshore with outstanding conditions they released 9 of 11 Sail Fish and a large Dorado.
Fantastic Fishing!
Sunny 1- 32′ Maverick Sport Fisher Capt Ismael Oporto
Oct. 10th- Full day offshore with great conditions they caught 7 Sail Fish and 1 Dorado.
Oct. 11th- Full day offshore ruff conditions but still a great day releasing 3 Sail Fish and a Blue Marlin.
Great Day!

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