Sunny One Fishing Report March

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Fishing Report March

My name is Erick Heigold from Herradura, Costa Rica, reporting the fishing from The Los Suenos Marina.

March has been an inconsistent month so far, conditions have been changing and the counts too, we have been seeing very good days of fishing and other average for the Season.

Also a bit of information on the Leg lll of the Triple Crown of Fishing at Los Sueños.

Our Sunny One has gone out 19 time so far this month, ending with a final count of:

Sailfish: 39

Dorado: 6


Gallo 3 BIG ONES!

Our customers had a great time on the boat!

Videos and pictures are uploaded daily on our Facebook Page


Some of the comments were,


“Wow. What a great day!

 Great Captain, great mate, many sails, largest tuna ever hooked in Central America!

   Great guys – Great Boat. Many Thanks! “ Tim….


“ Caught 7 Sails on 12 + bites. Epic trip + the Sunny One crew is unreal… great guys!”


The 2017 Los Sueños Triple Crown of Fishing


A very exciting and difficult tournament! There was a lot of expectation coming up to the lll Leg of the tournament, at the end we saw some very different scenarios unfold…


The results for the lll Leg

 1st Sea Angel, 19s 2m

 2nd First Light, 17s 2m

 3rd Fish Tank, 5s 4m


Watch out for the latest Press Release with all the info on what happened during the tournament.


That is all for now. As you see the season is super hot and there are still some great opportunities to com visit and get to experience some od the best fishing in the world. Feel free to contact me to start planning your next fishing experience.


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Toll Free 866-439-5922 ext 168

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