Where And When To Enjoy Sport Fishing In Costa Rica

sport fishing costa rica 

When visiting Costa Rica there are countless things that can be enjoyed, and Stay In Costa Rica is dedicated to helping tourists find something great to do with their time. One of these activities is sport fishing, which has become a popular option for many. Sport fishing in Costa Rica can be enjoyed any time of the year and at numerous destinations.

When Are The Best Times To Fish?

Fishing is a sport that may reach highs and lows depending on the area, but Costa Rica doesn’t see many lows. While there are seasons that attract more of one fish over others, there is almost always something to be caught. No matter what season it is, Stay In Costa Rica has fishing packages and charters available.

Fish That Are Always Around

While some fish can only be seen during certain times of the year, there are other fish that tend to be present all the time. Some of these fish are Tuna, Marlin, Grouper, and Sailfish. While some are usually found on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, there are a few that stick to the Caribbean Side, such as Tarpon. The fish move around throughout the year, some going from one coast to another, but they still remain some of the most common.

Peak Seasons

Even though the fish of Costa Rica tend to always be around, there are seasons that will change the numbers. When the end of May comes around, the number of Billfish rises exponentially. Tuna does the same, with the peak time coming a little bit later. Sailfish and Marlin are also likely to be caught during the summer, and their peak times go through September and October. When it comes to Tarpon, they are more likely to be seen from the end of summer to the beginning of the year. If you are hoping to snag a certain species, it is best to come during its peak season, but there is a chance of catching them no matter what time of year.

Where Is The Best Place To Fish?

While there are certain times of year to see the most fishing activity, there are also certain places that may be better than others. One spot being better tends to come down to what kind of fish you are looking to catch. Stay In Costa Rica is available for several fishing destinations throughout the year.

Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast is a huge hot spot for deep sea fishing. It has seen record-level numbers of Sailfish, Marlin, Tuna, and more. Some of the most popular spots include Los Suenos Marina, Quepos, and Marina Pez Vela. There is also Crocodile Bay on the Osa Peninsula. Many of these destinations allow people to fish offshore and inshore for half or full days.

Inland Fishing

While deep sea fishing is a famous activity, many people prefer to fish inland at one of the various lakes in Costa Rica. One of the most popular lakes is Lake Arenal, which is crawling with rainbow bass and guapote. Fishing anywhere in Costa Rica requires a fishing license, and Stay In Costa Rica does not include that in any of their charters.

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