World Class Saltwater Sport Fishing In Costa Rica

sport fishing costa ricaWith over seven hundred miles of coastline covering both the Pacific and the Caribbean, it is a sport fishing paradise in Costa Rica.  Whether your taste is for trolling the deep blue for pelagic species, dropping a jig over the reefs for snapper and grouper, or sight-fishing for snook on the grass flats, there is prime opportunity to make your next fishing vacation your best here in Costa Rica.  Why not do all three?

Blue Water Trolling

If your ready to tackle the big guys, there is plenty of opportunity to fight the majestic blue or black marlin.  With weights approaching, and often exceeding 1000 pounds, these are the heavyweights of the trolling world.  Using 130-pound class tackle while being strapped to a fighting chair is not for the faint of heart, with battles that can take several hours fighting a fish that may weigh ten times your weight. 

Of course, there are several other species of pelagics available off either coast, including sailfish, dorado (mahi-mahi), yellowfin tuna and wahoo.  The dorado are especially good eating, and many local hotels and restaurants will personally prepare your catch for you and your family.

Reef fish

If trolling seems too much like a waiting game for you, there are more active ways to tighten your lines.  Dropping a jig or live pinfish over the reefs will give way to various species of snapper and grouper; all of which are great eating.  The Rooster fish also lurks here with weights up to 50 pounds, and occasionally nearly twice that weight.  They are a dark fleshed member of the Jack family though, and not too good on the table. 

Grass Flats

With all its coastline including numerous bays and inlets, sport fishing in Costa Rica also offers fantastic flats fishing.  Many fishermen prefer inshore fishing and will not be disappointed in the opportunities here.  Armed with either a fly rod or spinning gear, there are two prevalent species targeted in the salt water grass flats:  Snook and Tarpon.

Snook are a rather strange looking fish with a black lateral line and a duck billed mouth, but don’t let their funny looks fool you.  They are top notch game fish that not only fights like crazy, but they are also superb table fare.  Snook can average ten to twenty pounds in weight but can often double that amount. 

Tarpon, on the other hand, are strictly a catch and release fish, with no food value.  They do provide the absolute best inshore fishing available though, with weights easily exceeding 100 pounds.  When hooked, they love to rocket out of the water repeatedly (think of a large mouth bass weighing that much).  Coupled with long runs, you had better be prepared with good quality gear and an experienced boat captain.

Sport fishing in Costa Rica really is a fisherman’s paradise.  With so many choices available, there are fishing trips for any taste, be that in the deep blue, over the reefs, or on the inshore flats. 


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