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Getting Around Costa Rica

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When you choose to book your enchanting getaway with Stay In Costa Rica, not only are you immersing yourself in luxury accommodations but also gaining the privilege of seamless travel within this tropical paradise. We understand that your time is precious, and getting around Costa Rica with ease is essential. Here are some of your transportation options when visiting Costa Rica.

Rental Cars

Enjoy the freedom of exploring Costa Rica at your own leisure. With a rental car, your adventurous spirit can guide you through Costa Rica’s picturesque landscapes. Stay In Costa Rica can assist you in acquiring a reliable vehicle from reputable agencies. Take your pick of the latest models that can handle all types of terrain and be sure to ask about options equipped with GPS for seamless navigation.

Shuttle Services

For your comfort and convenience opt for shuttle services for the best way to get around Costa Rica. Your chauffeur can take you where you need to go on the shuttle in air-conditioned comfort. Our team at Stay In Costa Rica can book these services for you, ensuring punctual and stress-free transfers to the country’s prime attractions and airports.


Get a real feel for the local culture by hopping on a bus. This economical travel option gives you a window into the everyday lives of the Costa Rican people. Stay In Costa Rica can help you find the best routes and schedules, ensuring you have a rich and authentic experience.

Domestic Flights

Time is of the essence, and domestic flights are a godsend for those keen to maximize their adventure. We can help you with booking flights that get you where you need to go quickly so you can relish more experiences in less time!

Taxis and Ride-Sharing

For short commutes or night-time adventures, taxis and ride-sharing options like Uber are the best way to get around Costa Rica. We can help you access official taxis and guide you on using ride-sharing apps, for safe and reliable transportation.


Feel the tropical breeze and connect with nature by renting a bicycle! This form of transportation can be fun to get around small towns or the coast with. Rent a quality bike and find the most scenic routes.

Private Drivers

Indulge in the luxury of having a private driver, who not only navigates the roads but also doubles as your personal guide. It’s perfect for groups and families. Stay In Costa Rica takes pride in connecting you with the most professional and knowledgeable drivers.

Boats/Water Taxis for Getting Around Costa Rica

Experience the magic of the waters through boats and water taxis. Whether it’s navigating the shorelines or quickly getting to another harbor, we can help you arrange an aquatic journey on a water taxi.

At Stay In Costa Rica, your safety, convenience, and joy are our priorities. Our dedicated team will help you get where you want when you want. Contact Stay In Costa Rica today for more information on how to reserve accommodations and ways to get around during your visit to Costa Rica!

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