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Costa Rica offers some of the best sport fishing experiences in the world. As you plan your Costa Rican vacation, get ready to indulge in the thrill of catching a wide array of fish in the country’s rich, blue waters.

LUXURY Fishing Package for 4ppl

Green Season $5,355.14 taxes included

High Season $6,356.55 taxes included

ACCOMMODATION 4 nights of accommodation in our two bedroom Luxury Condominiums. You can choose from 3 different locations: Colina, Veranda or Del Mar DAY BY DAY

This package includes access to Los Sueños Beach Club.

PRESIDENTIAL Fishing Package for 4 ppl

Green Season $7,872.24 taxes included

High Season $9,602.05 taxes included

ACCOMMODATION 4 nights of accommodation in our 4 nights of accommodation in our Presidential condominium in Marbella DAY BY DAY

This package includes access to Los Sueños Beach Club

PLATINUM Fishing Package for 5 ppl

Green Season $13,682.52 taxes included

High Season $16,927.88 taxes included

ACCOMMODATION 4 nights of accommodation in our Luxury Casa Oasis DAY BY DAY

  • DAY 1 Transfer from airport, luxury private van
  • DAY 2 Full day offshore fishing 42′ Custom Maverick
  • DAY 3 Full day offshore fishing 42′ Custom Maverick
  • DAY 4 free day
  • DAY 5 Transfer back to airport, luxury private van
  • 6 seater golf cart included during all your stay
This package includes, daily private maid service and access to Los Sueños Beach Club

The proximity of Costa Rica to these rich fishing grounds makes it an ideal destination for reeling in species like marlin, sailfish, snook, red snapper, rooster fish, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, dorado, grouper, and rainbow runner. Spend your days soaking up the sun and relaxing on a charter boat, line in the water, waiting for the thrill of the catch with our Costa Rica fishing packages!

Costa Rica Fishing Packages for Every Angler

Discover an array of customizable fishing packages tailored to fit your schedule, preferences, and budget. Each option promises an unforgettable experience in the breathtaking waters of Costa Rica.

Check out our list of Fishing Packages below and choose your ideal adventure. Prepare to be immersed in the stunning beauty and waters of Costa Rican sportfishing. With us, your perfect fishing getaway awaits, promising memories that will last a lifetime.

Luxury Fishing Package

The Luxury Fishing Package for four people combines the thrill of sportfishing with serene relaxation in an idyllic setting. Your accommodation choices include our two-bedroom luxury condominiums located in Colina, Veranda, or Del Mar, each offering its unique charm and elegance. These condominiums provide the perfect sanctuary to unwind after an action-packed day at sea, with ample space and modern amenities that cater to your every need.

Your adventure begins with a stress-free transfer from the airport in a luxury private van. Days two and three are the highlights of your stay, featuring full-day offshore fishing excursions aboard the renowned 32′ Custom Maverick Sunny One. This vessel is equipped with the latest fishing technology and is piloted by experienced captains and crew who know the best spots to find the most sought-after species in the Pacific. You’ll spend these days engaging in exhilarating battles with marlin, sailfish, and other big game fish, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

On day four, take advantage of a free day to either explore the beautiful attractions of the resort or simply relaxing and rejuvenating. Lounge by the pool, walk along the beach or indulge in the amenities offered by Los Sueños Resort. This day is yours to spend as you please. Conclude your fishing experience with a comfortable transfer back to the airport in a luxury van on day five, marking the end of an unforgettable journey.

Presidential Fishing Package

The Presidential Fishing Package for four people takes your fishing experience to great heights. You’ll be staying in our Marbella Presidential condominiums, where elegance and comfort combine. These premium accommodations provide a sumptuous retreat, complete with all the modern luxuries you could desire. After your arrival and airport transfer, spend two full days on the 32′ Custom Maverick Sunny One, where the expert crew will guide you through exciting offshore fishing adventures. Encounter the ocean’s most prized catches in an experience that blends adrenaline with the serenity of the sea.

Your free day offers a chance to soak in the resort’s luxury, be it through a spa treatment, a round of golf, or simply relaxing by the beach club’s pool. Cap off your expedition with a smooth van transfer back to the airport, as you reminisce about your exciting fishing escapades.

Platinum Fishing Package

If you’re interested in the pinnacle of sportfishing luxury, the Platinum Fishing Package for five people is the package for you! You’ll stay in Casa Oasis, a symbol of opulence and comfort. Here is where your fishing adventure begins.

Enjoy two full days of offshore fishing aboard the 42′ Custom Maverick, a vessel that’s expertly designed for serious anglers looking to chase the giants of the sea. With the latest fishing gear and expert guidance, these days are guaranteed to be thrilling and rewarding.

On your free day, bask in the luxury of Casa Oasis or explore the many facets of Los Sueños Resort. Take a ride in your six-seater golf cart to explore the grounds of Los Sueños. From gourmet dining to adventurous excursions, the resort has something for everyone. As your stay concludes, relish a final luxury van transfer back to the airport, bringing your exquisite fishing journey to a graceful close.

Choose Your Fishing Package Today!

Each fishing package blends the thrilling adventure of sportfishing with Pura Vida luxury living. Whether you choose the Luxury, Presidential, or Platinum Fishing Package, Los Sueños Resort aims to provide experiences that surpass fishing. Experience the luxury, beauty, and adventure that Costa Rica is known for. Contact Stay In Costa Rica today to book your package and prepare to step into a world where every cast brings you closer to the heart of the ocean


  • What types of fishing packages are offered at Los Sueños Resort?

    Packages include the Luxury, Presidential, and Platinum Fishing Packages, which combine full-day offshore fishing excursions with luxury accommodations such as two-bedroom luxury condos or the upscale Casa Oasis. These packages are customizable and can include extra fishing days or upgrades upon request.

  • What are the benefits of choosing a fishing package?

    Choosing a fishing package with Stay in Costa Rica at Los Sueños Resort offers an all-inclusive, seamless experience that allows you to stay in high-end accommodations. You are also guided by experts on your fishing trips while sailing on top-tier boats. These packages are customizable for flexibility, and are easier than trying to plan a fishing trip all on your own.

  • Can I expect to catch big game fish during my fishing trip at Los Sueños?

    Absolutely! The waters around Los Sueños are teeming with big game fish. Depending on the season, you can catch marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi, snook, and more. Marlin and sailfish are available in specific seasons and are famous for their thrilling acrobatics and challenging catches.

  • Are there any additional services provided to enhance the fishing vacation experience?

    The concierge services help with dining recommendations, spa appointments and more. The resort also helps with booking tours with professional tour operators and arranging transportation needs.

Concierge Services

Guest Services

Stay in Costa Rica is not only a rental agency, we are a turnkey operation that can take care of all your travel needs. We work with the best professionals in the area to provide outstanding service.

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We offer, ground and air transportation to all the destinations in Costa Rica. All vehicles: Private Vans, Coasters, Buses, Limousines or Helicopters operated by professionals and have all permits and insurance. There are taxis and Vans available 24/7 at your disposal.

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With over twenty years of experience Stay In Costa Rica offers a variety of different tours with the most professional and experienced tour operators of the area. All operated by companies that have insurance, along the necessary permits.

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