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Pamper yourself at either the Serenity Spa at the top of a mountain with ocean view or at your own accommodation with one of the multiple spa treatments and massages that will leave yourself relaxed and rejuvenated. A massage at your accommodation or a couple of hours at the spa is the best way to finish the day after a full day of activities and to get ready for the nightlife. The following are the options of spa services you can have while staying in Los Sueños Resort:


In site spa services: Right at your accommodation.

Call Stay in Costa Rica to reserve a massage or spa service right on your condominium or private home. Our professional masseuses and therapists will go where you are staying so you don’t have to go anywhere else. Have a massage by the pool or at the garden, the decision is yours.


Serenity Spa

With more than 30 years of spa experience, Serenity Spa combines highly trained therapists with quality products, some organic, some indigenous and some are European. Treatments are designed to incorporate all your senses, from the smells of high quality essential oils, local tropical ingredients, a set of firm, knowing hands, macaws and toucans singing in the trees is our spa music and all nestled on the mountain top, ocean view wellness retreat located at Hotel Villa Caletas.



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