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While you may think of a Costa Rican vacation as one that would be best enjoyed by lovers, you may be pleasantly surprised that families love a vacation in our tropical paradise just as much. Offering a peaceful vibe that somehow coexists easily with exciting adventures, there is always something wonderful for families to enjoy and if you are thinking about escaping the cold of your hometown this winter, we at Stay In Costa Rica are happy to provide family homes that will be your sanctuary for your stay. This guide to family-friendly winter activities in Costa Rica will ensure that no parent will ever hear the dreaded phrase, “I’m bored,” during their time in the tropics. 

Family-Friendly Winter Activities in Costa Rica

We are very close to nature here in Costa Rica, and never more so than when visiting Monteverde Cloud Forest, located in the Puntarenas Province, about 2.5 hours from your Stay In Costa Rica haven of comfort. Offering tours that include bird watching, nature hikes, and night hikes that bring the forest to life, this preserve was created in 1972 on about 328 hectares, an expanse that has increased to over 10,000 hectares today. Proving that education can be fun, Monteverde, also known as the Great Divide, sits on two continents, offering the ability to step over the separation between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, allowing the kiddos the distinct thrill of being able to say they stood on two separate continents at the same time. The tours of Monteverde Cloud Forest, led by knowledgeable and personable guides, are highly recommended for all traveling groups, but when your children realize that they can touch the clouds with a visit to this preserve, the delight they express will make you happy you chose to experience this family friendly activity. 

Toes in the Sand

Of course, not all adventures have to be structured ones during your Costa Rican vacation, and perhaps the most memorable activity you can share with your children will be a visit to the beaches of our tropical nation. Greet each morning with a walk along sandy shores at sunrise for some private moments with your favorite traveling companion before the kiddos awaken, and spend entire days on these sand beaches, swimming, snorkeling, or simply sitting at water’s edge building sandcastles with your tiniest travelers. And yes, even in the winter months, this is the most popular activity, as summer reigns eternal in this part of the world and temperatures are more than likely going to be in the 90s during your stay! 

Vista Los Sueños Park

Vista Los Sueños Park in Jaco Beach is a different sort of theme park, swerving away from costumed characters and mechanical thrills, offering instead a natural adventure that will excite every member of your family. Zipline through the rainforest, marveling at the verdant beauty and the opportunity to examine Costa Rica from the sky or, if you desire the views but aren’t keen on flying through the trees strapped to a thick cable, ride a horse into this tropical paradise you can enjoy the views from the ground and still have some excitement and thrill involved! Also offering extreme canyoneering, ATV adventures, coffee tours, and an exclusive beach day tour, this experience is destined to take your breath away, making you wonder why you waited so long to take this family vacation! 


Even in paradise, the urge to chase a dimpled white ball around verdant courses can be strong, and of course, is another popular family-friendly activity in Costa Rica. La Iguana Golf Course, located in the Los Sueños Resort is an 18 hole championship course that also offers a beautiful peek into the natural side of the area, including glimpses of the iguanas that the course is named for, as well as monkeys, birds, and exotic plants. Challenging but not intimidating, La Iguana can be the perfect introduction to the game for your older children, creating a new family tradition that will be loved for years to come. 

Mini Fore?

While we aren’t quite sure that “mini fore” is even a term, we do know that the attention span of your youngest traveling companions might not be a match for an entire 18 holes of golf, but that’s ok. The Mini Golf course in nearby Jaco Walk offers the perfect introduction to the sport and the ideal way to develop a love for the sport.  

At Home with Stay In Costa Rica

But what if you decide you only want to stay close to home, relaxing and enjoying comfortable adventures with the people that mean the world to you? Choosing Stay In Costa Rica gives you the ideal way to do just that, as you swim in private pools, partake in community amenities, and fall in love with all the comforts and luxuries we provide! Contact us and escape the ravages of winter in your home town and reserve your favorite sanctuary today. 

A vacation to Costa Rica can be a once in a lifetime experience, and the home you choose to make your own during your magical escape from real life should reflect the wonders of your getaway, something we at Stay In Costa Rica understand quite well. We get that guests should feel pampered, spoiled, and treasured from their first moments under our roofs until the inevitable sad farewell, and our Casa Solara Family abode is the perfect example. Offering 5 serene and tranquil bedrooms, an equal number of baths, and views that will take your breath away, this beautiful Costa Rican vacation home is perched high atop a hill and is filled with all the luxury amenities travelers seek. Spend your days exploring the beauty of Costa Rica with the knowledge that every night will be spending enjoying all the comforts of home. This guide will give you a sneak peek into what a vacation in Costa Rica should provide! 

Property Walkthrough: Casa Solara Family

This would normally be the point that we would begin to extoll the virtues of the inside of our luxurious sanctuaries, but today, we want to do things a little differently, especially as the exterior amenities of this stunning property will make you want to spend as much time as possible, exploring all your piece of paradise has to offer. Perched high in the hills overlooking Los Sueños, the creamy stucco walls, iron railings, and red tile roof create a dramatic contrast to the verdant landscape that surrounds it while still managing to feel cozy and appealing. The indoor/outdoor lifestyle is very popular in our hometown, and as walls of windows open out onto multiple levels of decks, you will never feel cut off from all that beauty. 

The back of the home is where the magic really happens, offering multiple places to lounge, relax, and bask in the stunning views, perhaps even from the infinity edge pool perfectly positioned to enjoy views of the bay and then the sea just beyond the trees. A hot tub will be much appreciated, offering a touch of romance intermingled with serious healing properties; travelers are often surprised at how tired and achy their muscles can get after a day of vacation adventures. Enjoy cocktails at sunset, taking in the panoramic views of green trees, red roofs, and the blue sea beyond until the sun falls into the waters and the velvety black of night reduces visibility. A private barbecue will encourage family pool parties with the main dishes being the catch of the day, caught by you in earlier fishing expeditions. The arched patio cover frames those views, with the covered portion, and the exterior furnishings underneath provide a shaded spot to nap on a sunny afternoon and your dreams of paradise will pale in comparison to the reality! 

Luxury and Serenity

When you can finally tear yourself away from the views outside, (never fear, generous windows in nearly every room ensure you never have to venture far from the vistas that have burrowed their way into your soul!) the interior of Casa Solara Family will stun you with its charm and comfort. Tile floors feel cool beneath bare feet, leading the way to a living room furnished with the softest of sofas and the most modern of televisions. Offering large screens and crystal-clear pictures, these state-of-the-art marvels are nice to have around, but quite frankly, they may lose out to the views that can be found in the space instead! Coffered ceilings, iron scrollwork and wood bannisters, and more arched windows finish up the picture of the most comfortable living room space in Costa Rica! Floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the home add a touch of elegance to the grand vistas that surround the home and can be found in the dining room, a space built to be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Play board games on a rainy evening, enjoy a freshly prepared feast every night of your stay, or simply sit in silence, drinking in the views of the pool, the bay, and the sea beyond. The kitchen is a luxurious space, offering more of those expansive views, an especially large footprint, and professional style appliances that add style and purpose to the room. 

Sweet Dreams

The final part of this tour of beauty takes us to the bedrooms of Casa Solara Family, with each room providing a tranquil magic that will ensure your dreams will be sweet ones. Premium beds anchor these rooms, views are framed in large windows that offer curtains that can be drawn shut against the Costa Rican sun on mornings you just want a little extra sleep. Private entrances to balconies overlooking the village, seating areas where coffee can be enjoyed on quiet mornings, and en suite baths that are sumptuous and luxurious and equipped with updated fixtures, soaking tubs, and soft and fluffy towels are just more extras that we consider standard in this stunning home. Contact us today to reserve Casa Solara! 

If you have visited Costa Rica prior, you probably have some very definite ideas on what you want to do and how you want to spend your vacation moments, but for those who are visiting for the first time, the opposite can be true. Yes, you want to spend as much time at the beach as possible and of course, you want to explore all the comforts and luxuries of your Stay in Costa Rica serene sanctuary, but obviously there is so much more that awaits you of which you are unaware. We want all our guests, return visitors and first time travelers, to experience all that they can and offer this guide to the best tours in Costa Rica, encompassing land, sea, and sky, will help you choose all the ways you want to fill those precious vacation moments!

Best Tours In Costa Rica

Starting with a reminder that even though these are adventures that may begin on land, at some point during any experience, the sea will become a part as well! Even our ATV Tours, lasting between 2 to 5 hours, will take you to waterfalls and beaches as you also explore remote villages where time never seems to change their lifestyles and rainforests filled with wild animals and luxe canopies of green. Offering a beautiful adventure for seasoned or novice ATV Riders, these adventure tours begin at $70 per person for a 2-hour ride through paradise, increasing in cost per hour.

For those who like their land adventures with a little less horsepower, taking a horseback ride through the rainforest and farmland of a naturally beautiful preserve may make your vacation absolutely perfect! Our Horseback Riding- Jungle Spa experience may just change your life, offering a spring fed waterfall at its epicenter, with spa volcanic spa mud that will refresh your body and spirit! This adventure costs $100 per person.

Park Adventures

There are two park adventures you can partake in during your getaway to Costa Rica, both offering the opportunity to experience the rainforest at its best, swimming in crystal clear waters, and possible encounters with wildlife, including 3 species of monkeys, 400 species of birds, and quite possibly visits from shy and slightly lethargic sloths. Manuel Antonio National Park ($99 per person) and Carara National Park ($78 per person) are destined to bring you photo opportunities producing frame-worthy photographs and create memories you will tuck away in your heart forever.

Water Journeys and Activities

As you can imagine, the opportunities to explore the water are plentiful in Costa Rica, and we at Stay in Costa Rica offer a plethora of water related tours! Explore ancient mangroves with our Isla Damas Mangrove Tour, take a boat ride on the wild side with a River Rafting Tour down the Naranjo, El Chorro, or Savagre Rivers, and kayak or canoe with a guided tour that includes all the equipment, water, and fresh fruits you need! Surfing Lessons are provided allowing thrill seekers to hang ten with the best of them.

And adventurers of all kinds may want to test their balancing skills with a SUP or Kayak tour and those who like to feel like they are flying on the water may prefer the sailing classes we offer, picking up a new skill or maybe they will want to take part in our Sailing Catamaran Cruise. This last tour takes participants to an uninhabited beach where they can play, relax, or snorkel, enjoying lunch and an open beach bar, ending with a sunset sail that will bring you back to the comforts of your vacation sanctuary!

Our Tortuga Island Catamaran Tour is another option, especially for those who just don’t have it in their DNA to sit still for long, offering the chance to ride the banana boats, explore the underwater life while snorkeling or swimming, or hike along island trails where the beauty of nature fails to excite.

Sky Adventures

We’ve explored land and sea and all that is left is to look to the skies! Flying through the trees attached to a zipline is one of our favorite ways to see the area and our Canopy Zipline will show you the region from a new point of view! Our Waterfall Tours offer land, sea, and sky adventures as you stand behind the falls, swim underneath their spray, or simply stand at the top watching the world around you.

Although your feet will remain firmly planted on the wooden planks of the hanging bridges or the mossy trails that lead through the rainforest, the Monteverde Cloud Forest tour will take your breath away as you explore nature from new angles. Rainforest Adventures take travelers on an aerial tour of the transitional forest, including ziplining, climbing waterfalls, and the opportunities to learn about the creatures who make their home in the rainforest. Also offering the Poas Volcano Day Tour and the Hot Springs and Arenal Volcano Tour, the skies will bring you adventures you never knew your soul needed.

But Wait, There’s More!

We definitely do not subscribe to the “less is more” life theory, and our exploration of tours continues with a thrilling adventure of the most coldblooded kind. Our Crocodile Tour takes visitor downstream on the Tarcoles Rivers, bringing them through the mangroves and to the spots where the coldblooded reptiles like to warm themselves on sunny days!

And finally, at the end of the day, when you may be tired of exploring the landscape you can take your adventures indoors for a little local flavor, taking one of our Cooking Classes that will teach you how to eat like a Costa Rican! Every adventure we offer promises excitement and the chance to reach new horizons, but your favorite adventures may be the comfortable ones that involve coming home to our Stay in Costa Rica sanctuaries! Contact us today to reserve your favorite today!

Costa Rica has a reputation of being one of the world’s happiest countries, and when you visit, whether for the first time or the hundredth time, you won’t be able to avoid feeling the same! Offering 52 species of hummingbirds, summer weather year-round, and a simple lifestyle that will soothe your soul, the only thing that will make your adventures in Costa Rica stand out even more is being able to come home every night to our Stay In Costa Rica Los Suenos Luxury Condominiums. Providing all the comforts of home and the all-important extras that remind you of just how much you are welcomed, every day spent with us will be an exercise in luxury and style, something our hard working guests so richly deserve! This guide to our luxury condos in the Los Suenos community will give you a sneak peek into all the ways life is happier and more comfortable in Costa Rica. 

Check Out Our Los Suenos Luxury Condominiums

Colors often represent feelings in our lives, and whatever color symbolizes happiness in your mind will be found right here in Costa Rica and our stunning condos! Offering a rich and verdant landscape on the outside, your color may be found in the flowers that grace the gardens found just outside the walls of windows of your home sweet vacation condo or in the bright and cheerful hues that adorn the walls of the interiors. Offering condos that range in size from cozy (and still spacious) 1-bedroom options all the way up to our expansive 3-bedroom escapes that offer an equal number of bathrooms, your vacation will fit your traveling group like an expensive leather glove. 

Step into spaces that will take your breath away while also making you feel instantly at home and prepare for an adventure in comfort you will never forget. Light streaming through walls of windows will ensure the rooms stay bright in the daylight hours, and our living rooms often allow guests to roll those windows into the walls, letting the outside in. Plush sofas are perfect for impromptu naps, state-of-the-art televisions are there to be enjoyed but may never be turned on as you easily immerse yourself into the simple lifestyle we are known for, and reminders of the sea can be found throughout. Prop a beach-themed pillow against your back and read that summer romance in the middle of winter, because in our country and in our condos, summer reigns eternal. 

We welcome large families and groups of friends, providing dining room tables with enough seats for every seat in your travel party, and when you gather around its expansive surface, you may find your laughter is uncontrollable and the conversation never ends. Play board games on a rainy day with those walls of windows open, allowing the sound of the rain bring you peace, work together to construct giant puzzles, fitting in the little pieces in between beach adventures, and feast upon the fresh produce and locally caught seafood on nights you aren’t checking out the local culinary scene. Just as in your own home, these rooms are designed to be the center of family activities! The fully equipped kitchens, located within steps of the dining rooms, will offer updated appliances large and small, stone or tile countertops, and a cheerful ambience that somehow helps take the chores out of kitchen work. 

The Natural Life

The back patios of our condos offer more surprises—these tend to be of the natural sort—and as you sink into the cushioned depths of comfortable outdoor seating after an exhilarating day exploring our natural landscape, peace and serenity will bring a smile to your face. Raise a toast to the sunset as you take your evening meal out here to enjoy al fresco and never forget these moments of pure happiness and joy. 

The Night Life

Yes, there is a thriving nightlife in Costa Rica, but we are talking about the luxurious experiences you will enjoy after the sun sets in our sumptuous vacation sanctuaries! Sit outside in the warm  air, listening to the sounds of the night before retreating to bedrooms that are designed to enhance your sleep. Premium beds topped with silky linens will feel as if you are sleeping on the clouds, and although you may not need it, televisions will be found in most bedrooms. Sitting areas, private patios, and en suite baths are some of the ways these serene spaces stand out and when you wake up each morning feeling refreshed and ready for a new day of fun and excitement, you will appreciate the little extras all that much more. Contact us today to reserve your favorite Stay In Costa Rica escape today and find your happiness! 

Taking time to unwind, relax, and enjoy the best Costa Rica has to offer is always a good idea. If you happen to be an angling enthusiast heading this way, setting your sights on time well-spent at Los Suenos Marina is sure to inspire. This prime fishing destination is one of the country’s top choices among those who love to cast a line with good reason. The following are just a few of the many reasons why you’ll want to be sure to spend as much time as possible fishing in Costa Rica. 

The Best Places To Go Fishing in Costa Rica

When it comes to options, luxury, and easy access to the water, the Los Suenos Resort Marina has everything anglers could want and then more! The Los Suenos Marina is government-sanctioned and hosts upward of 200 wet slips as well as 100 dry slips on-site. Anglers will also enjoy seamless access to helpful full-time staff, a fuel dock, and dry storage spaces that can easily accommodate vessels up to 35 feet long. Wet slips here typically range from 30 to 180 feet. The marina plays host to vessels of all types from yachts to luxury sport fishing boats. The full-service approach to customer and vessel care at the marina is unsurpassed and its location near the lush and fertile fishing grounds of the Pacific Coast makes it a top destination for fishing enthusiasts from across the map.  

Many anglers head to the Los Suenos Marina to take advantage of a picture-perfect departure point for fishing tours, sport fishing excursions, and water sports alike. For a tranquil, customized, and exciting day on the water, guests can always take advantage of the small fishing charters that leave from the marina practically daily! These charters can accommodate around 3 to 5 people at a time and include a knowledgeable captain, fishing gear, and even beverages and lunch options onboard. There are also opportunities for anglers to get out and participate in deep-sea excursions either independently or as part of a chartered fishing experience. Making the Los Suenos Marina even more convenient is the fact that fishing licenses can be purchased right on-site to ensure anglers are always in compliance with fishing regulations. A fishing license purchased at the marina is typically valid for a month or a year depending on the type purchased.  

What You Can Catch Around the Marina

It’s fair to say that many anglers head to Los Suenos Marina to join up with charters that are focused on reeling in Billfish. In fact, Los Suenos has earned the title of Billfish Capital of the World with good reason! The combination of calm waters and stunning weather brings Billfish in abundance which means a notoriously lucrative haul for anglers. Overall, Costa Rica is a haven of opportunity for sport fishing thanks to the variety of species that thrive within the surrounding waters, and Los Suenos Marina is no exception to that rule. It’s possible for those looking forward to casting a line in this area to successfully find marlin, red snapper, yellow fin tuna, grouper, wahoo, dorado, rainbow runner, and sailfish alike. High offshore sportfishing season in this area is often referred to as Green Season and occurs towards the end of May and runs through July. It’s a time of year when anglers who set their sights on Los Suenos Marina can count on finding plenty of Mahi Mahi biting! If you reel in a Yellow Fin during Green Season around the marina, you’re likely to find you’ll be pulling in catches that range from 40 to 80 pounds each. During this time of year, trolling early in the morning out of the marina is an idyllic approach for those who are looking to reel in tripletails, runners, jacks, and bonitos too.  

Easy Access Included

No matter when you have time to enjoy a well-deserved getaway to Costa Rica, Los Suenos Marina is easy to access thanks to its proximity to the country’s major airports. Located in Herradura Beach on the central Pacific Coast, the marina enjoys a place just 10 minutes from Jaco and no more than an hour-and-15-minute drive from Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO). This is the airport that serves the most international flights in and out of Costa Rica daily. Those who fly into SJO will travel 5 miles west and take the exit for Orotina and Jaco. Next, make your way to Highway 27 towards Caldera and follow it for around 17 miles. You’ll exit at Jaco and drive for 21 miles to Herradura until you see signs for Herradura Road leading to Los Suenos.  

Book Your Stay in Captivating Costa Rica Today

When you’re ready to turn your travel plans to Costa Rica into a reality, booking accommodations at Los Suenos Resort & Marina is a must! Here, you can make sure luxury, comfort, and impeccable style standards are a part of your experience as well as unforgettable fun! Reach out today to learn more and to get started. 

Costa Rica is a spectacular place to enjoy land-based adventures but those who head this way will find time on the water to be equally appealing! Travelers who book their stay at Los Suenos Resort & Marina will have unsurpassed access to our top-notch fleet of boats on-site that are designed to suit all types of adventures and on-the-water styles. The resort and marina hosts vessels that range from 25 feet to 50 feet that are manned by talented and passionate crews. Whether you’re excited to spend time fishing in Costa Rica’s world-class angling waters, or you’re more inclined to pursue amazing views and onboard relaxation, we have the boat for you. The following are a few of our small boats in Costa Rica to check out the next time you’re here. 

Small Boat Reviews in Costa Rica

If your plans have you heading out on the water with up to 6 anglers, a great vessel option is our Dream Maker. This 35-foot fishing boat is ideal for a group of six, but two additional guests can comfortably enjoy time on the waves for an added fee. The Dream Maker hosts Cummins 6C 430 HP twin engines and if you book your outing as a charter, the boat will be helmed by Captain Ezequiel Amaya. Dream Maker has everything in place to make it a successful, fun, and comfortable outing. Onboard, guests will find a GPS chart link and 46-mile radar. There’s also an automatic pilot feature, two VHF radios, a Furuno color video sounder, and an air-conditioned cabin as well. Cruising speeds on this boat reach 28 Knots with a max at 30 Knots. There’s also a kitchen onboard with a microwave and refrigerator. Dream Maker also has an onboard bathroom, and the vessel can be booked for a full day or half-day of fun depending on preference. If you opt for an all-day charter on Dream Maker, you’ll enjoy bait, tackle, lunch, and beverages included in the cost of the outing. A fishing license can be purchased in advance of your excursion on the Dream Maker as well.  

Spend Time Exploring on the Sea Fly

When you’re excited to head out on the open waters around Costa Rica with a group of eight passengers, booking the Sea Fly is exactly the right choice. This vessel has twin engine caterpillars and charters are helmed by Captain Carlos Espinoza. The Sea Fly is available for a full day of fun on the water exclusively and is a beautiful and sleek Maverick Yacht that’s both comfortable and refreshingly fast. The vessel can reach maximum speeds of 30 knots and provides a wonderful ride for passengers thanks to the Sea keeper stabilizer. Stepping onboard, passengers will find that the Sea Fly is outfitted with luxurious finishes and features ranging from release marine chairs and custom Alutecnos rods and reels to Garmin Marine electronics and Aftco fishing gear throughout. As with all full-day charters through the marina, booking Sea Fly comes with access to all the bait and tackle you’ll need for the journey as well as onboard beverages and a lunch. When you book Sea Fly, you’re in for a day on the water to remember! 

Make the Most of an Afternoon on the Scatterbrain

Elevating your on-the-water outing is simple when you make Scatterbrain your preferred vessel. This boat can host up to eight passengers at a time and is equipped with an Onan 27.5 Kw generator and twin diesel engines. Charters are helmed by Captain Hanzel Sandoval and can be booked as half day or full day outings. Scatterbrain is adorned with incredible features that make an outing as comfortable and convenient as it is efficient and luxurious.  

Embrace the best of life on the water by taking advantage of the full salon complete with sofas, a dinette, and entertainment center onboard the Scatterbrain. Guests will also find three staterooms and two heads and showers with hot running water to enjoy. The vessel is air-conditioned throughout for added comfort and climate control while the galley features a sub-zero freezer and refrigerator alongside a range top and convection microwave to use. There’s a water maker and ice chipper onboard the Scatterbrain and safety is prioritized with smoke and CO detectors in all living areas.  

Top-tier electronics are easily accessed on Scatterbrain as well including flat-screen televisions and impressive stereo systems. If you’ve booked time on the Scatterbrain for fishing-focused fun, you’re in luck. This vessel has terminal tackle and LP electric dredge reels as well as baitwell and “tuna tubes” in place. There’s a fighting chair with a rocket launcher onboard which works as a wonderful addition to this offshore world championship-approved boat. From the tournament-tested vessel and crew to the USCG safety package, every detail you could possibly want is in place when you enjoy a Scatterbrain outing in Costa Rica.  

Book Your Exciting Costa Rica Stay Today

Make more of every moment in Costa Rica when you book luxurious accommodations at Los Suenos Resort & Marina. Reach out today to learn more! 

Every once in a while, life gets busier than anyone would like. When this happens, it’s a good sign it’s the right time to leave the stress behind and focus on a well-deserved getaway for a while instead! Travelers who are looking for a fantastic, fun, and refreshing vacation destination to enjoy will find it waiting for them in sunny and scenic Costa Rica. Of course, having amazing accommodations in place can elevate the experience further. That’s where the team at Stay In Costa Rica comes in. Our premium condominium options at Los Suenos Resort & Marina are truly one-of-a-kind. We know that every traveler who heads this way does so with a slightly different idea of what makes a stay exceptional. To that end, we’re proud to provide the premium condominium options that are made to match personalized travel taste and style at every turn! Our guests are invited to pick and choose from a variety of our premium condominiums in Costa Rica that span diverse locations, views, amenities, features, and more. No matter what you’re looking for in a stay, you’re sure to find it when you book your accommodations in Costa Rica through us.  

Check Out Our Premium Condominiums In Costa Rica

One of our top premium condominium options for travelers heading this way is a property within Bella Vista. This condo complex is loved for its pool view stays and inspired Spanish Mediterranean style standards throughout. The classic colonial architecture is always eye-catching while the condominiums location between the Beach Club and Los Suenos Marina is picture perfect too. Here, you’re close to the ocean and the resort’s most appealing attractions at all times. Guests can choose condo options that feature garden or ocean views for a more personalized getaway experience. Many of the condos here enjoy central air-conditioning, private terraces, and gourmet kitchens right on-site. Whether you’re looking for a 1-bedroom retreat or a 3-bedroom home-away-from-home experience, Bella Vista has it all. There are also swimming pools, a community veranda, grilling areas, a hot tub, and a fitness center for guests to enjoy who book a premium condo here. 

Slip into a Vacation State of Mind at Vista Bahia

When classic colonial architecture, stunning views, and easy access to outdoor fun are just your style, booking one of our premium properties at Vista Bahia is the way to go! These condos come with access to a beautiful courtyard complete with water features as well as sweeping views out over Herradura Bay. Properties here are available with both golf course or ocean views to enjoy while guests can settle into a 1-, 2-, or 3-bedroom retreat at will. This is a top stop for those looking to spend time on the greens followed by time settled into the ultimate standards of luxury and style.  

Make More of Your Stay in Miramar & Alta Vista

For travelers who are looking to stay close to the main boulevard within the greater Vista Los Suenos area, booking a beautiful condo in Miramar is a must! This complex features thrilling and contemporary Mediterranean designs throughout and property options boast beautiful ocean views too. There are 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom condos available to book averaging 1,700 square feet of living space each. Beyond the comfort, luxury, and style of each private condo, guests who make Miramar & Alta Vista their rental choice will also have prime access to on-site amenities. These include landscaped gardens to explore, a convenient covered carport, and a double infinity pool and sun deck to enjoy as well. 

Memories That Last a Lifetime at Montebello

A stay in Montebello promises to be a dream come true every step of the way. Here, guests can enjoy a stay in a 3-bedroom, 3-bath home-away-from-home with ocean views included that are sure to inspire. Montebello sits within easy reach of the Beach Club, the marina, and delicious dining options for those moments when cravings come calling. Guests who choose Montebello for their premium stay will also love that this destination hosts swimming pools, grilling areas, sun decks, a hot tub, and a gym. There’s never any shortage of options for fun when you select Montebello the next time travel plans bring you to Costa Rica.  

Extras That Make All the Difference

No matter what premium condominium experience our guests select, when they book through Stay In Costa Rica, they can count on enjoying world-class concierge services that make all the difference. Our guest services team can help take care of travel needs and we proudly offer a 24/7 customer care line. We’re happy to help organize ground and air transportation for our guests including private vans, helicopters, limos, and beyond. Looking to book tours that enhance your getaway experience further? Our team of experts is ready and waiting to make sure you enjoy the area’s premier tour operators and savor every second of your stay. Reach out to learn more about the many exciting options and how we can help you turn Costa Rica travel plans into a reality soon!

Are you a Costa Rica vacation property owner looking to maximize your earnings? Our Costa Rica FlipKey management can help you increase your return on investment!

Presidential condominiums truly are the height of luxury. We provide only the best of the best places to stay in Costa Rica in terms of location, amenities, luxurious add-ons, furniture, and staff so that you never want for anything during your stay. We keep you updated before, during, and after your vacation so you are up to date on the pricing, amenities, and nearby attractions for your holiday.

If you are thinking of a tropical holiday for your upcoming summer getaway, Costa Rica is your best bet. Use Stay in Costa Rica to have an unforgettable vacation of a lifetime with your friends or family. We guarantee that staying in one of our presidential condominiums is going to give you everything you want and more for your remarkable getaway.

High-End Properties

At Stay in Costa Rica, we give our guests only the best of the best. We find properties that work for your size needs and personal preferences, so the property ticks all of your boxes. You can experience the vacation of a lifetime due to our high-end amenities, upgrades, walk-in closets, private balconies, air-conditioning units, unparalleled views of the nearby scenery, and proximity to attractions. A presidential condo with far-reaching views of tropical greenery, beaches, and crashing waves is the ideal location for a serene and fun vacation.

As soon as you step into the presidential condominium, we guarantee that you will feel like a celebrity! The cozy and spacious living areas with tons of seating options, plush bedrooms with soft linens, and modern kitchens in the luxury and best places to stay in Costa Rica are designed with you in mind. Unpack and immediately make yourself at home in our living areas that feature spacious walkways, open-air floor plans, tall ceilings, and natural light through the large windows.

The living rooms provide lush and cozy seating for all of your guests to easily sit and watch the smart TV, play a board game, or converse with one another over a few drinks. Modern kitchens have new appliances that can be used to whip up a quick breakfast or healthy dinner in just a few minutes. The cozy bedrooms offer soft bedding and clothing storage space that make it easy for you to unpack. Talk about relaxation!

Marbella Condominiums

One of the most popular presidential suites we have to offer is the Marbella and Terrazas de Marbella residences at Los Suenos, Costa Rica. These traditional residences feature a typical outdoor design with exposed wood, clay roofs, and iron details. The terraces provide expansive views of the bay, ocean waves crashing in the distance, and boat marina.

The interiors feature a combination of rustic vibes, elegance, luxury, and modern appliances. We recommend looking at the Los Suenos Resort Terrazas 5A for 6 guests, Marbella 1E for a small family, Marbella 2A for a friend get-together, or the Marbella 3D three-bedroom villa with an ocean view for a fun-filled holiday.

Bella Vista Condominium

Another popular choice for our guests is the Bella Vista Condominium option. The Los Suenos 2-acre Beach Club is just a few months away from the marina, featuring the ideal location to walk to numerous local destinations like fun bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes, and beaches. The large, 3,200 square foot homes are ideal for those who want to spare no expense and have a big group of family or friends on this holiday. You can relax in the attached bathrooms with a jacuzzi and shower.

Open the French doors to the covered terraces with plush seating. Sit at the tile countertops to do some remote work. Admire the vaulted ceilings and the adjoining dining area for sitting and having a nice dinner. The possibilities are endless! We recommend booking the Bella Vista 3D for a small group, Bella Vista 4B for those who want an ocean view, or the Bella Vista 4E for a family getaway.

Montecielo Residences

Lastly, the Monteceielo presidential residences are the newest on the market. We love these properties for groups who want a modern place to stay during their excursion to the beautiful country of Costa Rica. These modern residences feature 2,390 square feet of living space with a master bedroom, second bedroom, great room, and far-reaching views of the nearby Pacific Ocean and Herradura Island. You can even access the common area swimming pools to cool off in the morning or meet your neighbors!

Check out the Montecielo 3E, a three-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom house that offers expansive views of the nearby lush greenery and forests. We guarantee that you and your friends or family will never want to leave this breathtaking house that features far-reaching views over the bright blue waves, tons of common space, and sun decks.


Along with our Spartacus presidential properties, Stay in Costa Rica has established itself as the best property rental company in the entire country — and you will soon see why!

We focus on guest services before, during, and after your stay with us. Staying in Costa Rica is not just a rental company that wants to get the most money from its clients. No, instead, we focus on providing a hands-on service that takes care of your unique needs. Our office is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, while you stay on our presidential property.

There is so much to do and see in Costa Rica, especially if you head here during the late summer months. Not only can you avoid crowds and attend annual events that only occur during September, but you can still soak in the bright sunshine and warm weather before it turns chilly. Check out these fun Labor Day events in Costa Rica, things to do, and places to see in this breathtaking coastal area over September. 

Spend Labor Day 2023 in Costa Rica

One of the most exciting and fun things to do in Costa Rica is go ziplining high above the ground. We recommend heading to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, featuring over three kilometers of cables that are more than 130 meters above the ground! Cruise along the zip lines, with the longest one spanning over 770 meters, to feel the breeze in your face and the adrenaline coursing through your veins. You can also check out the Arenal Volcano National Park for ziplining to the coast through the treetops, mountainsides, and canyons.   

Another fun area to check out for ziplining is Guanacaste, the home base for Diamante Eco Adventure Park, which takes you through the longest dual zipline for best friends and couples to soar high above the ground side by side. Talk about romance! 

Volcano Hiking 

Are you a huge fan of hiking? If so, we recommend going volcanic hiking in Costa Rica to see one of the 67 volcanoes for an easy stroll, moderate hike, or challenging peak climb. Head to Irazu Volcano to see two craters in an active volcano and enjoy this family-friendly hike. If you want a slightly harder climb, the Arenal Volcano in the national park offers numerous hiking trails, old lava, and bright green forests. For those who want something more challenging, take a harder hike in the national park during the winter season! 

Test Your Limits with Hiking 

If you just can’t get enough of exploring on foot, then hiking is THE best way to spend your Labor Day weekend in Costa Rica! Head to Manuel Antonio National Park to check out monkeys, flora, fauna, and incredible views in the nearby area. This 1-hour hike is great for older adults or those with children. If you want something tougher, then head to the Monteverde Cloud Forest to take on 13 kilometers of trails along suspended bridges high above the trees. We also recommend the Cerro Chirripo in Costa Rica to summit the 3,800+ mountains and soak in amazing views! However, make sure you make your reservation for Cerro Chirripo a few weeks beforehand as the refuge you can stay in overnight has limited space.  

Whitewater Rafting 

For true adrenaline junkies, whitewater rafting is great for those with kids or those who want to tackle raging rapids! If you have young kids with you on the trip, then we recommend going on the Penas Blancas River in Arenal for an easy and gentle trip. If you want something more challenging, the Naranjo River in Manuel Antonio offers a nice mixture of floating and tackling rapids. For true athletes, the Pacuare River leaves no stone unturned when it comes to rafting, whitewater rapids, forests, and waterfall views!  


Last but not least, snorkeling is a fun and easy way for you to see marine life under the bright blue water and get a different viewpoint of the lush country of Costa Rica. Scuba divers can see between 20 and 100 feet below the surface. We recommend going to Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge to see the bright coral reef, bays, and inlets. Another easy spot for beginner swimmers includes Cahuita National Park to see the largest coral reefs or Cocos Island to see marine wildlife. If you want something a bit extra, Cano Island is great for unique diving sites. 

Labor Day Events 

For annual events unique to Costa Rica during Labor Day Weekend, check out this helpful guide. There are once-a-year occasions that give even more reason to visit this breathtaking country! 

Surrender to Adventure 

If you are an adrenaline junkie who wants to adventure around Costa Rica, but don’t want to go at it alone, then check out this event September 1st to 6th. This adventure-based excursion takes you zipline, dancing, horseback riding, snorkeling, and hiking! You can then hang out with your new group of friends to try new food, experience the nightlife, chill out on tropical beaches, and meet people from all over the world. You can purchase this package and experience a five-night stay at an upscale hotel, Crazy Monkey’s Bar Party, meals every day during your stay, ATV tour, ziplining, transportation, and airport transportation.  

Hosanna 2023 

The second event that is a wholesome and exciting event is Hosanna 2023 at La Salle College in San Jose, Costa Rica, on September 23rd from 6pm to 9pm. If you are a spiritual person who wants to meet like-minded people, this church has opened its arms to welcome newcomers and connect the community. 

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When you stay in one of our Costa Rica seasonal rentals, you are only steps away from all there is to do and see in this amazing country. Costa Rica is home to SO much to do all year round — especially during the summer months when there are endless activities, attractions, and events that bring people in from all over the world. Don’t believe us? Book your vacation today and have the summer of a lifetime! Our reputable agents can help you find the house of your dreams in no time at all. 

Are you interested in spending time in one of the most beautiful places in the world? We don’t blame you! Plus, we have top-tier accommodations in Costa Rica options for you and your loved ones to enjoy the beach, the lush green forests, white sand beaches, bright blue waters, and pristine weather. Yes, you guessed correctly – we are talking about the tropical island of Costa Rica. This amazing and breathtaking country features tons of indoor and outdoor things to do during your vacation here. Plus, when you use Stay In Costa Rica, you can rest assured every single property is held to the highest standard. 

If you are heading here with a big group, nothing is better than the Magnifica 5-bedroom home. This spacious mansion is a modern and intricate property that can easily fit you and nine other people in the five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. 

Property Walkthrough: Magnifica

As soon as you see the outside of the house, you will be blown away by the large pool. This infinity pool is great for lounging around at night with a glass of wine, teaching our kids the basics of freestyle, and chilling out after a long and hard hike in the nearby forest. Plus, at night, you can soak in the warm hot tub to ease your aching muscles from all of the activity over the past few days.  

If you would rather spend your free afternoon reading a book and relaxing instead of doing any strenuous activity, lie down on one of the plush lounge chairs with a book and listen to the sounds of the rainforest out of your back door. You can also sit around one of the outdoor tables with your friends to play a game of cards, enjoy happy hour drinks, or chat about plans for the upcoming trip.  

Lastly, we absolutely love the covered outdoor seating area that is ideal for a rare rain spell or a super hot and humid day. We recommend sitting at the long outdoor dining table and enjoying an alfresco meal as the ceiling fan cools you off.  

Kitchen and Dining Area 

Another great area that is ideal for entertaining your guests is the kitchen and in area. We love sitting at one of the numerous plush and cozy bar chairs and eating appetizers with our friends as we sip on a glass of wine. Even if you are not a huge fan of using the kitchen, we guarantee you will enjoy using the stainless steel amenities, granite countertop, ample floor space, and white cabinets for storing your favorite snacks. After preparing a quick breakfast for your guests or making a full dinner spread, you can sit and relax at the large dining room table that is plenty big to fit you and every one of your guests!  

Living Room 

After a long day of traveling, hiking, surfing, or walking around the nearby shops, it might be time to just relax and lie down with your feet up. We don’t blame you! Fortunately, our living room features plush couches, cozy chairs, a large flat-screen smart TV, and a coffee table for you to kick back and relax any time, day or night. The eclectic mix of chairs, tables, large windows to let in natural light, and lighting fixtures make the living room a fun and cool area to spend most of your time.  


The bedrooms leave no stone unturned. We make sure that every detail is well taken care of so you feel relaxed, de-stressed, and comfortable in the bedroom you choose. Our beds feature plush linens, soft linens, great views outside of the window, ceiling fans to help cool you off, tons of floor space, cabinet space for your clothes, bedside tables for storing your books and charging phones, and extra seating areas.  


There are additional amenities and finishing touches in our private villas in Costa Rica that we think make this property stand out among the rest. You can use the pool table in the living room to challenge your friends or family to a game of pool to see who is the best! You can also make full use of the state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, such as the new freezer, refrigerator, microwave, oven, or stove, to quickly prep and cook your food. We also offer two wine chillers so you can keep your bottles of white nice and fresh to serve with dinner. Plus, feel free to use the outdoor jacuzzi and pool any time during your vacation to cool off or heat up after a long day of exploring the nearby town.  

Plan Your Stay Today 

As you can see, Stay In Costa Rica only offers the best of the best to our clients. That is why our guests come back year after year to experience all that this beautiful country has to offer. Stay with us to have the vacation of a lifetime!

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