Every holiday in Costa Rica can be the best one, but there is something about Valentine’s Day that just shines even brighter in a country that makes love its top priority. Its warmth reflects the heat of your love, its stunning views will pale next to the beauty of your Valentine, and our Stay In Costa Rica romantic love nests will provide an idyllic backdrop to a vacation filled with love, excitement, and luxury. This guide to all the ways to make your Valentine’s Day in Costa Rica the most perfect holiday gift.

Make Valentine’s Day 2024 in Costa Rica Special

There’s a reason that traditions continue to be so, and that reason is that they work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little something new to the tried and true. Breakfast in bed has long been a beautiful way to say, “I love you,” and in Costa Rica, you can easily add to the situation simply by opening the glass doors and letting the outside in. In your wintry hometown, this would not be an option, but you’re not in Kansas anymore! The aroma of tropical flowers blending with the sounds and scents of the sea will make even a simple meal of muffins and mimosas appear more glamorous than a gourmet meal at a five-star restaurant and will offer the perfect beginning to a perfect holiday in paradise.

The Sea Awaits

After your leisurely meal, there are many options as to where this day could go next, but we have a feeling that you will want to start with at least a couple of hours of toes in the sand. Temperatures in February may feel like summer to you, and because this is our dry season, there will be no reason for skipping some time at the beach. Chances are you rented one of our beachfront escapes, and the call of the sea will be louder there and much harder to ignore, so slip into the new swimsuits bought specifically for this trip, fill up a cooler with snacks and beverages and answer that call in the morning hours of your Valentine’s Day adventures.

Luxury Amenities

Of course, the luxury amenities of Los Sueños Resort offer another way to enjoy this day of love and romance, including some lazy hours spent lounging by the pool. Our swim up pool bar will help keep the sparkle in her eyes offering the traditional beverages you love as well as some new tropical delights that are destined to add to the wonder of the day. Hang out in the resort jacuzzi, letting the bubbling waters wash away any lingering traveling plans or, if you just don’t want to leave the luxurious comfort of your love nest, most of our properties provide a private plunge pool to enjoy with the love of your life.

A Spa Day Built for Two

Another romantic favorite, a spa day, can be just the ticket and the Serenity Spa Costa Rica, located in Hotel Villa Caletas, offers a few different packages that celebrate love and romance. It will be easy to determine which package is built for two, and their Romance, Passion, and Pamper packages are where you should look first. Each include a sumptuous massage for two, adding aromatherapy, body scrubs, and in the Passion, a pure chocolate wrap that is even better than it sounds. Again, for those who don’t want to venture far from their holiday hideaway, just contact concierge services and have a masseuse sent to your room for a most luxurious indulgence.

A Meal to Remember

Can you even consider the day a success without a traditional romantic meal? As the sun begins to set, choosing El Hicaco Seafood in Jaco will offer the most delicious way to end your day of love and sunshine. Offering patio views of the sea, sweet seafood that we can promise tastes better here than anywhere else on earth, and providing an extensive cocktail menu, your dinner a deux will be the stuff dreams are made of. Also providing live entertainment, we simply can’t imagine a better place to enjoy a romantic meal.

Explore All that Stay In Costa Rica Has to Offer

We have touched on the idea of staying in and exploring the amenities of your love nest built for two, and our luxurious escapes are designed for just that. Sleep in late, lounge by the plunge pool soaking in the rays, and enjoy a Valentine’s dinner at one of the onsite restaurants, (we recommend Lanterna Italian Steakhouse) ensuring that you don’t have to wander far from your romantic escape. Every day will be as perfect as you can imagine when you choose Stay In Costa Rica and our Los Sueños holiday hideaways contact us to reserve your favorite today!

Joaquin Rodriguez

Joaquin Rodriguez

Joaquin Rodriguez, originally from Argentina, fell in love with Costa Rica’s magic in 2002 and never looked back. This experience grants him an insider’s perspective to curate unforgettable adventures in the heart of Los Sueños. As a partner at Stay in Costa Rica, he leverages over 20 years of experience in both resort and travel management and property management services. He helps travelers create dream vacations while ensuring homeowners get the most out of their properties, all with a seamless and stress-free experience (as holidays should be!). When he’s not crafting the perfect itinerary, you might find Joaquin teeing off on a local golf course, exploring a breathtaking national park with his wife and their two teenage daughters, or playing fetch with his beloved dogs.