Real life can be filled with stress, chaos, and exhaustion but the key to making it bearable, in our humble opinions, has always been making plans. We make plans for the weekend, we make plans to get together with friends and family, and best of all, we make plans for dream vacations in exotic locations such as Costa Rica (of course!) The new year has just begun and our guide to a 2024 getaway to Costa Rica, one of the most beautiful places in the world will help take the drudgery out of the days leading up to it. 

Plan Your 2024 Getaway to Costa Rica

Looking to spend a few blissful days pitting wits against the sea? While most of what we offer here is built on relaxation and luxury, the Signature Triple Crown Billfish Tournament (offering special Ladies only days on each leg, if you are so inclined) brings competition and adventure to your Costa Rican adventures. Offering 3 separate legs, January 17-20, February 21-24, and March 13-16, (Ladies only days are the 16th, 20th, & 12th) this most competitive of events could bring you quiet fame and a fuller wallet, as you attend welcome dinners at the beginning ad a fabulous awards dinner at the end, but even if you don’t participate, being here to cheer on the ambitious anglers who do can bring a little extra excitement to your Costa Rican adventures. 

The Joy of Doing Nothing

Your 2024 calendar is soon to be filled with long lists of everything you need to do, so planning a getaway where doing nothing is celebrated can be beneficial to your health and well-being. Pencil in sleeping in late every morning, plan on taking a nap in the afternoons, and schedule sunset viewing from the best spots in the resort, being sure to include the appropriate refreshments with the latter. Don’t get us wrong; there are plenty of things to do during your stay in paradise and if you are the type who can’t sit still, you have also managed to find the perfect vacation destination. But we encourage long bouts of doing nothing, followed by even longer bouts of relaxation, play, and fun. Life moves at a slower pace in our tropical nation and you are about to discover that your soul appreciates the change! 

A Taste of the Town

Chances are your hometown landscape is dotted with neon signs announcing the 75 different fast-food restaurants, many of which can be a boon to busy families, but your escape to  Playa Herradura should be different. Yes, we have our share of fast food restaurants that include burgers, sushi, and maybe even a pizza place or two, but we encourage you to take a foodie tour of the town and explore the good taste found in our unique restaurants as well. Enjoy an Italian take on thick, juicy steak with a visit to Lanterna Italian Steakhouse and relax over good wine and fine food. Sushi near the sea is destined to be your favorite treat and Bambu serves all your favorites with a few new ones that you will enjoy trying. And finally, because the sea calls, the Hook Up serves up the sweetest seafood in town, with the catch of the day likely being caught just hours before it landed on your dinner plate. All of these beautiful restaurants are located inside the Los Sueños Resort and promise to be delicious additions to your Costa Rican adventures. 

This Way to the Beach

No matter what month of the year your journey brings you to Costa Rica, it is always going to be the perfect temps for a beach getaway and the beaches that surround Los Sueños Resort are where your happiest memories will be made. Frolic in the cool blue waters of the surf, build sandcastles with your tiniest travelers, or simply lie back, slather on the sunscreen, and let the rays turn your skin that sexy golden brown that will be the envy of your friends back home, especially during your winter months explorations! You can kayak, paddleboard, snorkel, or even scuba dive when you get tired of lounging because there are no rules as to what is the best way to play on the beaches of Costa Rica, save one. Have the best time of your life! 

Discover Hidden Talents of Relaxation

At the end of a very long day of excitement and fun in Costa Rica, you may discover that you have some hidden talents when it comes to relaxation, especially in the moments you spend during your Stay in Costa Rica New Year’s nest. Did you know that you could sit reading in one position for hours on end until you did it in the overstuffed chair in your living room? Were you aware that you ARE capable of sleeping past 9 AM until you crawled into one of our cloud-soft beds? Did you understand how much your soul would appreciate sipping margaritas by the pool as the sun set over the landscape? Contact us today to reserve your favorite escape today and discover all your hidden talents of relaxation! 

Joaquin Rodriguez

Joaquin Rodriguez

Joaquin Rodriguez, originally from Argentina, fell in love with Costa Rica’s magic in 2002 and never looked back. This experience grants him an insider’s perspective to curate unforgettable adventures in the heart of Los Sueños. As a partner at Stay in Costa Rica, he leverages over 20 years of experience in both resort and travel management and property management services. He helps travelers create dream vacations while ensuring homeowners get the most out of their properties, all with a seamless and stress-free experience (as holidays should be!). When he’s not crafting the perfect itinerary, you might find Joaquin teeing off on a local golf course, exploring a breathtaking national park with his wife and their two teenage daughters, or playing fetch with his beloved dogs.