Plan Your Fishing Boat Charter in Costa Rica

One of the most exciting adventures you can take in Costa Rica is loading aboard a boat and enjoying a deep sea fishing excursion. Los Sueños has you covered on your next visit to Costa Rica. Our fleet of fishing charters range from 25 to 50 feet and can take you on an incredible journey to catch some of the best species the coast has to offer. Your next step is to start planning when you want to visit for the optimal trip.

Here is a quick guide to Costa Rican fishing charters and don’t forget to book your Los Sueños vacation rental today!

1. Pick the Perfect Season for Your Fishing Trip

Sport fishing can change wildly from season to season as fish migrational patterns fluctuate. So if you’re interested in trying your hand at a certain species, make sure your visit is during the optimal time. For big game such as marlins, mahi, and swordfish, the best time to visit is from October to December.  If you’re interested in fishing for rooster or snapper, a good time to visit would be earlier in the year from July to September. You can see our full resource guide on sport fishing in Costa Rica and start planning the best time of year for you and your friends.

The good news is the weather stays pretty great year round at Los Sueños Resort so no matter when you come, you’ll be comfortable and there will be plenty of fish in the sea to catch!

2. The More, the Merrier

The best part of charting a fishing boat to take you miles into sea is that you can make lifelong memories with loved ones while aboard. Fishing trips are fun but it’s truly the company that you bring along that will make all the difference. Whether you’re looking for some quality family time or you have reason to celebrate, there are boats of various sizes to accommodate any group. Taking a sport fishing trip to Costa Rica is perfect for bachelor or retirement parties so take a look at our fleet to decide what size boat you might need.

If you’re planning on a group of 4 or less, we recommend Sunny 1. This 32-foot boat is becoming one of the most popular fishing charters in all of Costa Rica!

3. Stay Where the Boat Docks


The Los Sueños Marina is one of the only government-sanctioned marinas in all of Costa Rica so if you’re planning a trip that revolves around time at sea, put yourself in the heart of the action at Los Sueños resort. Our fleet of fishing charters is one of the largest in the area and our crews are experts when it comes to finding the perfect catch. Our captains will take you out for an amazing deep sea experience and share all of their knowledge with you to ensure your best chance at catching the big one. The best part is that it’s all in house so you don’t have to worry about the details, we have it handled!

When the fun in ocean is done, there is so much more to do back at Los Sueños resort as well including pools to relax away the evening or your personal vacation rental to get some good rest from all the fishing action. Our resort also features golf courses, a beach club, and access to many tours and excursions so you can truly make your Costa Rica vacation one that you’ll never forget!

Browse through our Los Sueños Resort vacation rentals and find the one that’s perfect for your next Costa Rica fishing trip.

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