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Your Ultimate Guide to Fishing at Los Sueños Resort

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In the picturesque paradise of Costa Rica lies Los Sueños Resort. This luxury resort is not only a relaxing oasis but also a world-renowned fishing destination. Unleash the angler within and take advantage of the abundant fishing opportunities and packages here. This comprehensive guide to fishing in Costa Rica explores why you should choose Los Sueños Resort for a one-of-a-kind fishing adventure.

An Angler’s Paradise

At Los Sueños Resort, fishing is an experience that surpasses the ordinary. Get ready for an adventure that’s thrilling and unforgettable. The resort caters to both newbie anglers and seasoned sport fishers.

The waters around Los Sueños are a treasure trove of marine life, boasting a remarkable diversity of fish species. A variety of fish means each fishing excursion will become a new and exhilarating challenge. From the elusive marlin to the vibrant dorado (also known as the mahi-mahi), every trip out on the Pacific is a chance to encounter a different species. Each day carries its own unique adventure.

Year-Round Fishing in Costa Rica

Unlike many other fishing destinations that are limited by seasonal restrictions, Los Sueños boasts year-round fishing opportunities. The resort’s unique location and climate mean that different species of fish are available at different times of the year. No matter when you visit, the thrill of the chase is always alive!

The ultimate fishing experience awaits in Los Sueños’s world-class marina. As the largest and most well-equipped marina in the area, it has top-notch facilities and services to take care of all your fishing needs. From high-end charter boats to prime fishing gear, everything you need for a successful day of fishing is at your fingertips.

Experienced Crews

The expertise of the charter boat crews at Los Sueños will add another layer of excitement to your fishing experience. These seasoned professionals, fluent in both Spanish and English, know these waters like the back of their hand. Tap into their expertise to increase your chances of reeling in a successful catch! A safe and enjoyable adventure on the high seas is in store with these experienced guides by your side.

Luxury Accommodations at Los Sueños

After an exhilarating day on the water, Los Sueños welcomes you to unwind and relax in comfort and style. Feast on a variety of sumptuous dining options. Release any tension during a serene spa services. These amenities and more at Los Sueños are designed to pamper and rejuvenate you.

Maximizing Your Experience with Fishing Packages

Los Sueños Resort offers a variety of fishing packages tailored to suit your unique needs and preferences as an angler. These packages often include accommodation, fishing charters, gear rental, and sometimes meals.

Enjoy cost savings when you book a fishing package at Los Sueños Resort. Experience fishing to your heart’s content while having discounts on accommodation, charters, and sometimes even dining options within the resort! If you’ve come to Los Suenos with a group of your favorite fishing buddies, you’re in luck. Traveling in groups further reduces costs, as charter boats can be shared among your group of anglers.

By opting for a package, you not only save money compared to booking everything separately but also enjoy a hassle-free experience with everything arranged for you by the team at Los Sueños.

Fishing Destinations

Here are some of the locations you can eagerly cast a line into when you secure a fishing package:

Herradura Bay

Herradura Bay is super close to the marina and the perfect location for inshore fishing. The bay’s waters are abundant with a variety of fish, but it’s most renowned for its roosterfish population.

Roosterfish are known for their distinctive appearance and fighting ability, making them a sought-after catch for sportfishing enthusiasts.

In addition to roosterfish, you can also expect to find snapper and jack in these waters. The bay’s proximity to the resort makes it a convenient option if you’re looking to enjoy a day of fishing without venturing too far from the resort.

The Gulf of Nicoya

A short journey from Los Sueños will take you to the Gulf of Nicoya. This large body of water offers additional great inshore fishing in the region.

The gulf’s diverse ecosystem is home to a variety of fish species, providing you with ample opportunity to catch something unique. Cast a line and reel in snook, corvina, or even the occasional tarpon.

The calm waters and beautiful scenery also make for a relaxing fishing experience, just right for you if you’re seeking a peaceful day on the water.

Offshore Waters

If you’re interested in big game fishing and are in town to reel in your next great catch, the Pacific waters off Los Sueños is the spot for you.

These deep blue waters are home to some of the most prized game fish, including marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, and dorado. Fishing in these offshore waters is an adventure in itself, with each species offering a unique challenge.

The beauty of fishing in the waters around Los Sueños is found in its diversity. If you prefer the calm and strategy of inshore fishing or the thrill and challenge of big game fishing, the resort’s prime location offers access to some of the best fishing spots in Central America.

The variety of fish species available throughout the year also ensures that every fishing trip will give you something new and exciting. As an avid angler, you’ll be making Los Sueños your top destination to return to year after year.

As a fishing enthusiast, why not give the fishing packages of Los Sueños a try. With a range of fishing spots from the serene Herradura Bay to the bountiful Gulf of Nicoya, and the adventurous offshore waters of the Pacific – each place will give you a one-of-a-kind fishing experience. See for yourself why Los Sueños is considered one of the premier fishing destinations in Central America!

Types of Fish Native to These Waters

The waters surrounding Los Sueños Resort are a melting pot of marine biodiversity, offering anglers the chance to engage with some of the most sought-after fish species in the world. Each species presents its own unique challenge and ideal season for fishing, making Los Sueños a year-round destination for sportfishing enthusiasts.

Marlin and sailfish are known for their strength and agility. They will definitely give you a run for your money! Tuna and mahi-mahi are also abundant in these waters, known not only for their fight but also for being excellent and delicious quality.

Marlin (Blue and Black)

Both blue and black varieties of Marlin reside in these waters and are considered the crown jewels of sportfishing in the Los Sueños area.

The best months to catch these magnificent creatures are from May to September. Known for their incredible size and power, marlins will test the skill and endurance of even the most seasoned anglers.

They are revered for their spectacular leaps and are one of the most thrilling catches you can aspire to. Imagine the exhilarating and unforgettable rush of being able to hook your very own marlin. This possibility and much more can be yours!


Sailfish, with their distinctive sail-like dorsal fins, are available year-round but are most plentiful from December to March.

These fish are renowned for their incredible speed and agility, often putting on a show with their acrobatic jumps and long, powerful runs. Fishing for sailfish will not only test your skill, but you’ll get to enjoy the view while doing so. Sailfish are a favorite for both seasoned and novice anglers.

Tuna (Yellowfin and Bigeye)

Tuna, particularly the yellowfin and bigeye varieties, are abundant throughout the year, but the best catches are typically from May to August.

These species of tuna have a reputation for their sheer strength and lightning speed. Catching one is no doubt a challenging and rewarding experience.

Tuna fishing can be particularly exciting due to their massive size. Some tuna can weigh several hundred pounds! They are highly prized for their delicious meat, making them a sought-after catch for both sport and food.

Dorado (Mahi-Mahi)

The dorado, or mahi-mahi, is most commonly caught from November to March. These strikingly beautiful fish will captivate you with their bright colors and their fight.  They are truly one of the most beautiful species to catch.

Dorado are fast and acrobatic, often leaping out of the water when hooked, providing an exciting challenge for you.


Roosterfish are a popular inshore species, best caught from June to early September. Known for their distinctive rooster comb-like dorsal fin, roosterfish are a favorite among inshore anglers. They are predominantly found in the shallower waters and are known not to give up without a fight.

In addition to these species, the waters around Los Sueños are home to a plethora of other fish, including snapper, jack, and corvina, providing anglers with a wide variety of fishing experiences.

Come Fish at Los Sueños!

The diversity of fish species, combined with the different seasons in which they are most active, ensures that every trip to Los Sueños is unique and exciting.

Los Sueños is truly a paradise for those who love to fish, offering you the chance to engage with some of the most prized species in the sportfishing world. So come experience it for yourself! No matter if you’re a beginner or seasoned sportfishing veteran, the rich waters of Los Sueños will give you a fishing adventure unlike any other. Prepare to be wowed with everything that Los Sueños has to offer for sportfishing!

Tackling the Basics – Shops and Rentals

If you need gear during your visit, Los Sueños Marina has a bunch of different shops where you can rent or purchase top-quality fishing equipment.

From rods and reels to bait and tackle, these shops have everything you might need for a successful fishing trip.

Conservation Efforts and Sustainable Practices

Los Sueños Resort is committed to sustainable fishing practices, ensuring the preservation of marine life for future generations.

The resort encourages catch-and-release, especially for species like marlin and sailfish, and follows all national fishing regulations.

A Day in the Life of an Angler at Los Sueños

Rise to the sound of waves in heard from the bedroom of your luxurious villa. After having a hearty breakfast, you get ready to head to the marina where your charter boat chariot awaits.

As you traverse the waves to the open waters of the Pacific, you smile at the idea of what lies beneath. You can’t wait to cast your line and see what your first catch will be. Will you be battling with a marlin? Or perhaps reeling in a hefty tuna? No matter what you hook, you’ll be guided and supported by the expert crew members.

At the end of your excursion, you make your way back to land with a smile on your face and a happy heart. The experiences you had out on the Pacific Ocean will last a lifetime. Reflect on the day’s adventure at one of the resort’s fine dining establishments or perhaps whip up a delightful and relaxing dinner with a barbeque at your villa.

Fishing Tournaments

For the more competitive anglers, Los Sueños hosts several prestigious fishing tournaments throughout the year. These tournaments attract anglers from all over the world and are a great way to test your skills against some of the best in the sport.

Exploring Beyond Fishing

While fishing might be the highlight, Los Sueños Resort offers a plethora of other activities for you to enjoy. From golfing on its championship course to relaxing in the spa, there’s something for everyone!

For a unique and exciting fishing experience, look no further than Los Sueños Resort! No matter what brings you to these waters, the thrill of big game fishing or the tranquility of casting a line inshore, Los Sueños has it all.

With luxurious amenities, expert crews, and a diverse array of fish species, a fishing trip to Los Sueños is sure to be an unforgettable adventure. Book your fishing package with Los Sueños today and see how you can experience the best of sportfishing in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

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