Sustainable Tourism

Stay in Costa Rica, promotes the values of Sustainable Tourism
We are proud to be Certified as a Sustainable Tourism Company.
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What is to be Sustainable?


Satisfy the needs of current generations without compromising the resources for the future generations.

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We would like to invite you some suggestions from SINAC, the entity that promotes sustainability in natural areas. Recommendation from SINAC
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Why did Stay In Costa Rica work hard to obtain the ICT Certification in Sustainable Tourism?


Our company depends on Tourism, and the tourists who visit us come to Costa Rica looking to enjoy our beautiful flora and fauna, and to get to know our culture. We are conscious of the importance of promoting the values of Sustainable Tourism. We have been operating since 2001 and would like to keep working for many more years to come.
Our goal as a company is to minimize our impact against the environment. We would also like to show the tourist when they visit these Protected Areas to do the same.

  • In 2014 the Stay In Costa Rica Sustainability Committee was created. This committee is formed by Katherine Vargas, Nicole Fernandez and Joaquin Rodriguez.
  • A beach clean at San Lucas Island was held. The purpose of the excursion was to create awareness to the staff about the impact that waste has on our beaches. The activity was coordinated with our friends of ASVO. (Volunteer Association for the Service of Protected Areas). For more information on ASVO, click here.
  • Different trainings were held for the staff emphasizing in topics such as: Customer Service, Waste Management and Sustainable Marketing.
  • On July 25th, a cultural activity was held to celebrate this day with traditional folkloric dances, food and music.
  • We received officially the CST(Certificado de Turismo Sostenible)
  • We started Sponsoring Costa Verdes, a non profit organization that is dedicated to reforesting trees in our Beaches. We also participated with our staff by planting trees in Hermosa Beach
  • We created a strategy to expand our recycling program to include not only our two offices but all the properties we manage
  • We reduced the use of plastic bottles and encourage our guests to drink Los Sueños own safe tested and potable water
  • We wend to the P3 Conference( Planet People Peace) The largest in Costa Rica regarding Sustainable Tourism
  • We helped organize an activity as Jaco’s Youth Center ( Epicentro de Garabito) for families. Hiring a famous Cimarrona ( Local Band) and teaching kids to play tradditional games.
  • Waste: A program was implemented for the correct management of waste, separating everything into its proper bins and taking it to the Recycling Center of Las Monas. This is complemented by proper training.
  • Electricity consumption: The air conditioners were changed in the office for high efficiency AC´s and Led light bulbs were installed.
  • Saving water: A training program was presented on how to save water.

If you have any suggestions or if you want to contact our
Sustainable Tourism Committee, please use this form.

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