Costa Rica is truly the place of dreams. Not only can you enjoy the tropical vibes, never-ending beaches, friendly people, and bright blue water, but we guarantee that the accommodation you choose will be one of your trip’s highlights. That is if you stay with Stay in Costa Rica! We do our best to ensure everything is top-notch for you before, during, and after your vacation in Costa Rica.

And we offer a large range of Costa Rican vacation rentals that can suit your unique needs and preferences. For those who have a large party and want to make the most of their high-end vacation, you can’t go wrong with Casa Oasis’s 5-bedroom home with your very own private pool.

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As soon as you see the exterior of the home, you will be blown away by the exterior space, amenities, and bright blue pool. In the morning, you can head outside to your own private pool and swim a few laps. We also love just soaking and relaxing in the cold water to start the day. Or, head to the hot tub and ease your aching muscles after that long hike you had yesterday in the lush greenery!

If you would rather just relax, don’t worry — this outdoor space offers tons of seating areas to choose from. You can sit at an outdoor table with your best pals, enjoy happy hour drinks, and watch the sunset in the distance. Or, lounge on one of the relaxing pool chairs and prop your feet up to rest your legs. The beautiful outdoor space, pristine architecture, palm trees, wooden flooring, and seating areas are plenty big for you and 13 other people to have drinks and relax.

Living Room

The living room in this beautiful home is cozy and comfortable. You can sit in any one of the plush and cozy couches to relax and chill out with a glass of wine. There are two leather couches that are great for sitting and watching TV or your favorite flick before bed. Or, if you would rather have a beer and chat with your friends, or read a book, the cozy chairs are ideal for sitting and relaxing.

Modern Kitchen

Need to prepare a quick snack to bring to the beach? Head to the modern kitchen with an open floor plan just steps from your living room. We love the wooden detailing, dark brown furnishings, and cream walls that create a seamless vibe that carries well throughout the home.

The modern kitchen features a large granite countertop with high bar stools that offer plenty of seating for you and your guests. Plus, the modern stainless steel appliances and wooden cabinets offer space for holding, cooking, and storing food during your stay here. Even if you are not Chef Ramsay, you will still love using this functional and aesthetic kitchen as the focal point of the home!


As soon as you see the home, you will be blown away. That is because we spare no expense at this property when it comes to aesthetics, appearance, and amenities. We offer the best of the best to our guests so you can really feel like you are staying in your very own mega-mansion during your time in Costa Rica.

We offer foosball and ping pong tables so that your younger kids or teens can stay entertained the entire time. This separate ‘game room’ is great for those who need some independence and private space to enjoy with their friends.

We also offer a freeform pool with a jacuzzi and swim-up bar, so you can keep the party going even when you are in the pool! This functional party spot is great for large groups who want to never run out of drinks during their luxury vacation.

Plus, our property offers a full-time maid, so you never have to worry about cleaning up or taking out the trash. We know that a fancy vacation has all services included, so we take care of the housework for you so you can just relax. After all, a vacation should be stress-free!

Furthermore, we offer a SONOS home stereo system throughout the house and exterior space. You can keep the party going all night long with good vibes and upbeat tunes that you can control!

Lastly, we offer a serene saltwater pool with no chlorine for better skin health. Forget having allergic reactions to strong chemicals and enjoy this natural pool that is great for floating, practicing your freestyle, and teaching your kids how to swim.

Your vacation in Costa Rica should be luxurious and high-end! After all, it might only be once in your life that you come to Costa Rica. We want to make it as amazing as possible with a stay at our Casa Oasis. That is why we leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing our guests with the best experience they have ever had on vacation. Contact us to book your stay today!

Joaquin Rodriguez

Joaquin Rodriguez

Joaquin Rodriguez, originally from Argentina, fell in love with Costa Rica’s magic in 2002 and never looked back. This experience grants him an insider’s perspective to curate unforgettable adventures in the heart of Los Sueños. As a partner at Stay in Costa Rica, he leverages over 20 years of experience in both resort and travel management and property management services. He helps travelers create dream vacations while ensuring homeowners get the most out of their properties, all with a seamless and stress-free experience (as holidays should be!). When he’s not crafting the perfect itinerary, you might find Joaquin teeing off on a local golf course, exploring a breathtaking national park with his wife and their two teenage daughters, or playing fetch with his beloved dogs.