It may not look like it from where you are sitting, but summer is just around the corner, and if you haven’t started making your plans for your summer vacation, you may be missing out on the best adventures. Fortunately, you have a friend in Stay In Costa Rica, and we know that you are already eagerly looking forward to long days spent relaxing on white sand beaches, hanging out by the private pools in our luxurious cottages, and just relishing the laid back vibes of the happiest country in the world. This guide to some of our favorite summer events in Costa Rica will be the cherry on the top of a very delicious seasonal sundae, ensuring that every moment you spend with us will be filled with fun and wonder.

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Top 2024 Summer Events in Costa Rica

When you are looking for a perfect reason to go on a road trip during your Costa Rica adventures, Virgin of the Sea Day, held on the Saturday closest to July 16, is one of our favorite religious festivals, seeking prayers for the fishermen and boats that make their living off the sea. Located just 44 miles up the road in the town of Puntarenas, visitors will be charmed at the sight of colorfully decorated boats heading out to sea, and will fall in love with the dancing, music, and delicious food that accompanies this very important Costa Rican event.

Jaco Farmers Market, Thursdays 12-8 and Fridays 6-Noon

The fully equipped kitchen of your Stay In Costa Rica sanctuary is only equipped with the tools needed to eat, drink, and cook; we leave it to our guests to pick the foods they want to eat during their stay. The Jaco Farmers Market gives visitors an enjoyable way to stock your shelves, offering a taste of the town and includes local produce, baked goods, and so much more. The simple joys of meandering the aisles of a farmers’ market in any town are ones that we all love and in Jaco, those joys are enhanced by the realization that much of the food sold there is also less expensive than what you might buy in a market.

Dia de Guanacaste, July 25

Celebrating our annexation from Guanacaste is also very important to us, and this special holiday is celebrated all over the country. Offering parades, carnival rides, even bullfights in certain parts of our country, visitors can also expect food stalls selling delicious local food, music you won’t be able to avoid dancing to, and such an overall great time you may decide that a July visit to Costa Rica should be an event you should enjoy every year.

Lantern Day, September 14th

For our late summer visitors, you may notice a slight decrease in daily temperatures and a large decrease in tourists, which makes a visit during our two-day Independence Day celebration even more special! Lantern Day is really Lantern EVENING, starting at 6 PM when children and families in all the different neighborhoods take to the streets carrying lanterns they have decorated themselves and singing our national anthem. This is just the precursor to the big event that happens on the 15th, but it is a charming sight to behold and will bring a smile to your face.

Independence Day, September 15th

Celebrating our independence from Spain, our Dia de la Independencia is celebrated all over the country in a big way. The streets will be closed, laughter and music rings out throughout the towns, and parades of school bands play the music that we hold close to our heart. As with every celebration, you won’t be able to go far without someone urging you to join in the dancing, the singing, so do yourself a favor and just give in. It won’t matter if you dance badly or sing off key, all that is important is that you celebrate with us and feel the joy deep in your soul!

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Family Barbecues, Private Pool Parties, and Movie Nights at Home with Stay In Costa Rica

Some of your best memories will be created with events and adventures you enjoy without leaving the boundaries of your summer sanctuary! Plan a family barbecue, using the produce you purchased from the farmers’ market and the fish you caught yourself on an earlier fishing expedition. Decide to stay in for the day, celebrating a vacation that outshines all others with a pool party that’s just for you and your traveling party. Or on a rainy summer night, gather around our state-of-the-art televisions with bowls of popcorn and cold refreshing beverages in hand, watching your favorite summer movies in the air-conditioned coolness of our sweet escapes. Every event will be your favorite one when you choose Stay In Costa Rica for your vacation escape. Contact us to reserve your favorite property today! Browse our vacation packages here.

Joaquin Rodriguez

Joaquin Rodriguez

Joaquin Rodriguez, originally from Argentina, fell in love with Costa Rica’s magic in 2002 and never looked back. This experience grants him an insider’s perspective to curate unforgettable adventures in the heart of Los Sueños. As a partner at Stay in Costa Rica, he leverages over 20 years of experience in both resort and travel management and property management services. He helps travelers create dream vacations while ensuring homeowners get the most out of their properties, all with a seamless and stress-free experience (as holidays should be!). When he’s not crafting the perfect itinerary, you might find Joaquin teeing off on a local golf course, exploring a breathtaking national park with his wife and their two teenage daughters, or playing fetch with his beloved dogs.