Are you interested in spending time in one of the most beautiful places in the world? We don’t blame you! Plus, we have top-tier accommodations in Costa Rica options for you and your loved ones to enjoy the beach, the lush green forests, white sand beaches, bright blue waters, and pristine weather. Yes, you guessed correctly – we are talking about the tropical island of Costa Rica. This amazing and breathtaking country features tons of indoor and outdoor things to do during your vacation here. Plus, when you use Stay In Costa Rica, you can rest assured every single property is held to the highest standard. 

If you are heading here with a big group, nothing is better than the Magnifica 5-bedroom home. This spacious mansion is a modern and intricate property that can easily fit you and nine other people in the five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. 

Property Walkthrough: Magnifica

As soon as you see the outside of the house, you will be blown away by the large pool. This infinity pool is great for lounging around at night with a glass of wine, teaching our kids the basics of freestyle, and chilling out after a long and hard hike in the nearby forest. Plus, at night, you can soak in the warm hot tub to ease your aching muscles from all of the activity over the past few days.  

If you would rather spend your free afternoon reading a book and relaxing instead of doing any strenuous activity, lie down on one of the plush lounge chairs with a book and listen to the sounds of the rainforest out of your back door. You can also sit around one of the outdoor tables with your friends to play a game of cards, enjoy happy hour drinks, or chat about plans for the upcoming trip.  

Lastly, we absolutely love the covered outdoor seating area that is ideal for a rare rain spell or a super hot and humid day. We recommend sitting at the long outdoor dining table and enjoying an alfresco meal as the ceiling fan cools you off.  

Kitchen and Dining Area 

Another great area that is ideal for entertaining your guests is the kitchen and in area. We love sitting at one of the numerous plush and cozy bar chairs and eating appetizers with our friends as we sip on a glass of wine. Even if you are not a huge fan of using the kitchen, we guarantee you will enjoy using the stainless steel amenities, granite countertop, ample floor space, and white cabinets for storing your favorite snacks. After preparing a quick breakfast for your guests or making a full dinner spread, you can sit and relax at the large dining room table that is plenty big to fit you and every one of your guests!  

Living Room 

After a long day of traveling, hiking, surfing, or walking around the nearby shops, it might be time to just relax and lie down with your feet up. We don’t blame you! Fortunately, our living room features plush couches, cozy chairs, a large flat-screen smart TV, and a coffee table for you to kick back and relax any time, day or night. The eclectic mix of chairs, tables, large windows to let in natural light, and lighting fixtures make the living room a fun and cool area to spend most of your time.  


The bedrooms leave no stone unturned. We make sure that every detail is well taken care of so you feel relaxed, de-stressed, and comfortable in the bedroom you choose. Our beds feature plush linens, soft linens, great views outside of the window, ceiling fans to help cool you off, tons of floor space, cabinet space for your clothes, bedside tables for storing your books and charging phones, and extra seating areas.  


There are additional amenities and finishing touches in our private villas in Costa Rica that we think make this property stand out among the rest. You can use the pool table in the living room to challenge your friends or family to a game of pool to see who is the best! You can also make full use of the state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, such as the new freezer, refrigerator, microwave, oven, or stove, to quickly prep and cook your food. We also offer two wine chillers so you can keep your bottles of white nice and fresh to serve with dinner. Plus, feel free to use the outdoor jacuzzi and pool any time during your vacation to cool off or heat up after a long day of exploring the nearby town.  

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As you can see, Stay In Costa Rica only offers the best of the best to our clients. That is why our guests come back year after year to experience all that this beautiful country has to offer. Stay with us to have the vacation of a lifetime!

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