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Are you looking to stay in the beautiful country of Costa Rica for your upcoming vacation? If so, we don’t blame you! There is SO much to do and see here that you will never tire of being in this tropical paradise. But where should you stay for your upcoming vacation? If you are having trouble finding the best place for you and your best pals to stay, we can help you with the research, booking, and staying here! 

We make sure that you have the best vacation of your life when you rent a vacation rental in Costa Rica. The ample outdoor and indoor space here is plenty big for you to enjoy without feeling like you are on top of one another! Plus, with our Villa La Perla Family house, you will have tons of space for you and your extended family, co-workers, group of friends, or colleagues.  

Property Walkthrough: Villa La Perla

As soon as you walk outside of the home, your jaw will drop. The amazing scenery, palm trees, never-ending views over the lake, and plush couches and furniture are ideal for hanging out on a hot summer day, taking a dip in the pool, or just gazing at the breathtaking views from your property.  

We love going for a swim early in the morning in the infinity pool. After a long hike in Costa Rica through the jungle, you can also head into the hot tub to ease your aching muscles! If you would rather just relax with a cold beer or glass of wine, you can sit on one of the couches, put your glass on the wooden coffee table, and gaze at the sunset over the bright blue water. There is also a dining room table out here so you can have an al fresco meal with your family and chat about what to do for your upcoming vacation.  

Common Space 

The interior of the home is not any less spectacular. Once you cross through the wooden entryway and open the large, heavy doors, you will be blown away by the high ceilings, wooden beads, intricate chandeliers, modern decorations, wooden textures, and cream color scheme that make it feel like you’re staying in a component of a modern mansion and medieval home! 

Head over to the living room to lie on the couch, sit back in the leather chair and read a book, or watch your favorite TV show and chill out with your friends. You can sip on a glass of wine and watch your favorite flick or flip through the streaming services on the large, flatscreen smart TV. 

For a formal meal, head to the super-long dining room table that is plenty big for you and all of your guests. The long wooden dining table with wooden chairs and a large chandelier make it feel like you’re dining in a castle! 


To make a hearty and fresh dinner, walk into the modern and functional kitchen. The open floor plan makes it easy for you to get around in no time at all! The kitchen features a granite countertop for preparing food, serving appetizers, and having happy-hour drinks. We love the wooden cabinets for storage space, stainless steel appliances for cooking or baking food, and the coffee pot for making a fresh cup of coffee for your guests early in the morning!  


Last but not least, we have the immaculate bedrooms. Just because you have tons of guests staying in your house, it doesn’t mean people will have to share! This home offers four large and plus bedrooms that feature oversized beds, comfortable bedding, fluffy pillows, and a low-key atmosphere that makes it easy for you to fall asleep in no time at all. You will always wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested here!  


Villa La Perla has no shortage of extra amenities and add-ons that make it unique and special when compared to other properties in the area. This house features a large terrace with spectacular ocean views.  

The house contains three master suites with a private bathroom and walk-in closet to store all of your clothes. The home features central air conditioning, so you never feel hot or humid during your stay on this tropical island! Plus, the home features a laundry room with a full-sized washer and dryer to keep your wardrobe clean and tidy.  

Plus, our hands-on customer service and knowledgeable professionals set us apart from other rental companies and property management businesses in the country. We make the booking process as seamless and easy as possible, so all you have to do is just show up and have a good time.  

Staying in Costa Rica provides luxury experiences that we know will make your holiday truly the best of your entire year. 

Are you looking to head to Costa Rica for a fun-filled family vacation you will never forget? We don’t blame you! Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places in the world to explore all that nature has to offer, eat mouthwatering food, meet friendly locals, and see never-ending views of the bright blue water and lush greenery around you. But where should you stay during your trip to this magical country? We have an idea for you! If you are headed here with the extended family or a friend group for a large reunion, you need somewhere that has plenty of space for you to spread out, relax, and enjoy one another’s company.  

Check out Casa Puesta del Sol, a massive house that has five bedrooms and five bathrooms to easily fit you and 11 of your very best friends! We guarantee that staying in this Costa Rican vacation home is going to be one of the main highlights of the trip due to the pristine views, large outdoor space, mountain-top views, safe Los Suenos Resort, and proximity to all there is to see and do in Vista Tres Bahias.  

Property Walkthrough: Casa Puesta del Sol

As soon as you see the home, you may never want to leave. The outdoor space features a large infinity pool that overlooks the bright blue lake, mountains, and green treetops. You are high above the trees and can gaze out at the mountain peaks as you soak in the pool early in the morning and watch the sunrise.  

Then, lie down on one of the large lounge chairs to prop your feet up after a long hike, sip on an ice-cold drink, and chat with your friends about the best things to do on your upcoming vacation in this tropical paradise.  

We also love using this outdoor space late at night when the pool lights up; you can head into the hot tub with a glass of wine or sit at one of the many outdoor seating areas. The best part about this home is the easy mix between the indoor and outdoor architecture, meaning you can easily walk between the covered dining room and the outdoor living room in just seconds.  

Even if it is cold or rainy (which it never is in Costa Rica!), you can sit under the covered patio and have a nice al fresco dinner with your guests.  

Living Room 

If you want to head inside to chill out, sit down, and have a few drinks with your friends, the large and spacious living room offers tons of seating for you and all of your guests. The living room attaches to another cozy eating area, with both featuring large leather couches, comfortable loveseats, padded chairs, wooden benches, and coffee tables that offer tons of seating and drink space for you and your friends or family. Curl up with your loved one on the large leather sofa and watch your favorite Netflix movie for a mid-afternoon treat!  

Plus, the interior decorations and lighting fixtures are immaculate. You can tell that no stone was left unturned in this house. The common space features tile floors, unique designs, incredible furniture, unique lighting fixtures, and dark wood accents all throughout the home.  


The open floor plan leads right into the spacious and modern kitchen. The kitchen is a modern touch on a typical kitchen, featuring a granite counter island with three stools for serving drinks, dozens of dark-stained wooden cabinets, and stainless steel appliances that are great for whipping up dinner, breakfast buffets, or snacks for your friends.  


There are numerous bedrooms in this house — and you can rest assured that your guests are going to love every single one! It doesn’t matter who gets the master suite and who gets the fifth bedroom. Every choice has plush bedding, large beds, fluffy pillows, ample storage space, and ensuite bathrooms that are perfect for getting ready in the morning.  

Extra Amenities 

Our house has dozens of amenities and added features that make it stand out amongst other rental properties in the area! This house features a terrace with a panoramic ocean view that is perfect for waking up in the morning. The private infinity pool with a jacuzzi is ideal for swimming in the morning and easing your aching muscles.  

Plus, the living room and bedrooms all contain TVs that are perfect for watching your favorite Netflix shows or movies before bed. Not to mention, the home features a central air conditioner to keep you cool during hot summer months. Lastly, the house features laundry with a full-size washer and dryer to keep your clothes fresh and ready to wear!  

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Contact Stay In Costa Rica to book the vacation of your dreams today. We guarantee that you will have a blast staying in one of our spacious, modern, and luxurious homes.  

Are you in the mood for sunshine and blue skies? Well, look no further. We know that finding a tropical and bright destination can be challenging, expensive, and overcrowded. But don’t worry, there are tons of holiday locations that offer exactly what you are looking for, without high prices and too many tourists. Check out Costa Rica, a beautiful and impeccable island nation that features palm trees, bright blue waves, friendly people, and mouthwatering food. And forget about staying in a boring and bland hotel room – Stay In Costa Rica offers dozens of accommodation options in the Los Suenos Resort and Marina.  

We recommend staying in Harmon Estate, a large, 6-bedroom, 7.5-bathroom house with enough room for you and 11 other people. Harmon Estate is designed with the guest in mind. For those who want an elegant, upscale, and spacious rental in Costa Rica with ample outdoor space, we can’t think of anything better. 

Property Walkthrough: Harmon Estate

As soon as you walk onto the property, you will notice the bright blue pool water, shady palm trees, shaded lounge chairs hundred an umbrella, outdoor wooden dining room table for al fresco dining, and an outdoor gazebo that is great for having happy hour drinks, playing games, or just reading a book during a mid-afternoon time off of your feet. The gazebo features a large granite countertop, bar stools, and tiki-like feel that makes the outdoor space the focal point of the home!  

Common Areas 

For those who want to head inside and check out all the property has to offer, the interior will simply blow you away. The living room features a large cozy couch, a love seat, and a leather chair that is great for watching TV, viewing a flick on TV, playing board games, or dueling one another to a game of cards. The living room features plants, flowers, and a unique chandelier that really sets the mood. 

You can also sit at the nearby dining room table with all of your guests to have a formal meal or breakfast buffet with your family. The large and long dining room table features an immaculate chandelier, large windows, and ample chairs that provide enough seating areas for you and all of your guests to share a meal with one another.  

There is also another living room and common space area that is great for young adults to have some privacy by themselves, use the kitchenette, and relax in the cozy chairs. We love how this house has separate areas so you can spread out, relax, and never feel on top of one another!  


One of the best spots in the entire home is the pristine kitchen! Head into the modern kitchen and use its functional space to prepare some snacks, make a full meal, or serve drinks to your guests. We know that you will love using the new appliances, like the glistening stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, coffee maker, and toaster to quickly whip u p a full breakfast spread or a fresh pot of piping hot coffee in the morning as your guests wake up.  


In addition to the pristine outdoor space, cozy bedrooms, and comfortable living room, the property also features high-end amenities that really set this property apart from all of the rest. This home features a private pool with jacuzzi that is great for sipping an ice-cold beer on a hot summer day, having a nice glass of wine on a cooler night, or easing your aching muscles after a long hike in Costa Rica.  

Another helpful amenity for guests is a pool bar that is perfect for pouring ice-cold beers, making intricate cocktails, or sipping on a cup of hot tea on a cold night. You can also use the laundry room with a full-sized washer and dryer to clean your bathing suit before heading back out to the beach or your private pool in the summertime!  

We also provide all of our guests with free high-speed wireless internet to stay connected to one another through VOIP free phone calls, Wi-Fi, and quick internet that is conducive to remote working, phone calls, and Zoom calls. We make sure that if you need to stay connected to your work while you are on vacation, you can do so stress-free.  

Plus, when it is finally time to wind down and relax, you can watch your favorite show on the cable TV, enjoy listening to some upbeat songs on the central music system, and watch a rom com on the large flat screen TV. After a long day of being at the beach, listening to some tunes or watching a show is exactly what you want to do!  

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Not sure where to stay? Contact Stay In Costa Rica to find the home of your dreams in no time at all! 

Not sure what to do for your first Mother’s Day in Costa Rica? Well, you will be happy to know there are SO many activities to do, events to attend, and brunch to be had during your stay in this beautiful tropical location.

Celebrate This Mother’s Day to Costa Rica

If you are staying in and around Los Suenos Resort and Marina at one of the beautiful homes from Stay in Costa Rica, you will be spoiled for choice. Not only are there eateries right in your very own condominiums or resorts, but you can leave the complex and head into town for a fun-filled day out for Mother’s Day.

We recommend checking out Hacienda Kitchen in the Los Suenos complex. Head here to taste some of the local food, like the Pacific sea bass filet with mushroom risotto, almonds, chives, baby arugula, and fennel salad.

Another great breakfast spot for you to head to early in the morning is Dolce Vita Coffee and Sweets. Dolce Vita churns up caffeine-laden coffee cups, sweet treats, pastries, and everything else you would want to start your Mother’s Day weekend off on the right foot!

Have a Few Mid-Afternoon Drinks

Feeling a bit thirsty in the middle of the afternoon? Well, head to Bar Ocho or Hook Up to have a few ice-cold beers, and strong cocktails, and enjoy the laid-back and relaxed vibe of this coastal bar. We know that you are going to want to dance the night away when you stay here.

Head Out on the Water

You came to this beautiful country so you can go to the beach and head out on the water — right? Right! Well, we recommend using one of the nearby professional water sports rental companies to rent a kayak, boat, canoe, or fishing charter to spend a lovely afternoon in the bright sunshine and feel the cool wind on your face. You can use Dragonfly Fishing Charters, Maverick Charters, Epic Sportfishing Charters, or use your own gear to try your luck at fishing, canoeing, kayaking, or jet skiing!

Mother’s Day Packages

Going to Costa Rica is not only fun, but it can be inexpensive! One of the top things to do during your stay here is to check out the packages and deals when it comes to celebrating Mothers’ Day. You can usually find sweet deals that are going to save you money, like packages including high-end accommodation, meals, drinks, travel insurance, and fun-filled activities.

Do you need help when it comes to cosmetic travel planning and accommodation? Keep reading!

Accommodation in Costa Rica

Looking for a beautiful home to stay in for your upcoming family vacation? If so, we don’t blame you! Forget spending hours and hours online, only to find a small hotel room or crowded hostel. If you are trying to find an upscale home, modern condo, or cute apartment for a special treat for your mother, look no further.

Staying in Costa Rica offers luxury vacation homes right on the water! You can wake up every single morning to the cool breeze on your face and the bright blue water right from your window. Feel the cool wind from the water, gaze out at the lush green forests, and take a boat trip just a few steps from your property.

Stay in Costa Rica offers large vacation rentals for big families, fishing charters for a fun day out on the water, packages, and deals that can help you see all that Costa Rica has to offer and save money in the process, and concierge services 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We make sure that you have the perfect vacation right at your fingertips!

At Stay in Costa Rica, we offer private homes, presidential condominiums, premium condominiums, luxury condominiums, pet-friendly rentals, and packages that are going to knock your socks off. If you want to find a private home, this is a great idea for a large family reunion for this holiday. Check out our homes from Los Suenos Resort which offers multiple bedrooms, private pools, backyard and front yard space, ample common areas, and plush bedrooms for relaxing after a long day in the water.

If you want to splurge on a presidential condo for a smaller group, Los Suenos Presidential Condominiums feature amazing views over the bright blue water, incredible never-ending vistas over the lush green palm trees, large living areas, and modern amenities that are much better than an overpriced hotel room. We make sure that you can have anything you need during your stay in one of these open floor plan condos with a private deck or patio space.

Of course, don’t just take our word for it — browse our properties online to see which one suits your needs! You can narrow down the properties based on the dates, location, and number of guests. Contact us to book any one of our properties from Stay in Costa Rica.

We have the ideal home for you that is going to surprise and awe all of your friends or family. Check out Casa Patron, a 6-bedroom Costa Rican rental house with a private pool that is ideal for spending time outside, going swimming early in the morning, getting a tan, and playing board games, watching TV, or just hanging out with your pals.  

Property Walkthrough: Casa Patron

As soon as you see the home, you will be taken aback by the beautiful outdoor space. The home features a large pool with bright blue water. Surrounding the pool is a tiled floor, perfect for laying out or playing pool games with your kids. You can also sit at the outdoor table, covered by an umbrella, to cool off in the heat and eat an al fresco lunch with your friends. If you would rather get a tan and keep your face in the sun, lay back on one of the lounge chairs as you listen to music or read a book. 

We also offer a barbecue area for cooking up a quick lunch on a hot day. Just purchase some produce and meat from the local shop and barbecue away! Then, sit outside at one of the many tables and chairs as you continue tanning, feeling the cool breeze on your face, and playing outdoor water games with your kids. What better way to spend a sunny and warm Saturday?  

Last but not least, we have lush and green landscaping that makes you feel secluded and private, without being too remote. Our yard has large palm trees, manicured yard, and garden features that really show just how much thought we put into our home.  

And the luxury doesn’t stop when you enter the house. Casa Patron is a high-end and modern house that features numerous rooms that combine through the open floor plan, wooden beams, cool artwork, and good vibes. The game room features a pool table with lowlights, bar area with high-top bar stools, and outdoor seating area that is great to use as an entertainment section of the home. You can play pool, grab a beer in the refrigerator, and sit at the high-top bar stools while you enjoy happy hour!  

If you want to enjoy a formal dinner with your guests, head to the long dining room table. The dining room is conveniently located near the kitchen and relaxing couch area, which makes it easy for you and all of your family or friends to sit, converse, and spend time with one another. You will never feel cramped when you stay here – and you will never feel like the space is not set up for all of your guests to be able to sit and chat.  

For hosts who want to cook a nice breakfast for their guests after a long sleep in one of the cozy bedrooms, head into the large and spacious kitchen. The kitchen features granite countertops for preparing food, coffee pot for waking up your loved ones in the morning and stainless steel appliances that make it easy for you to blend a smoothie, heat up leftover pizza, or cook a fresh breakfast buffet from scratch.  

Of course, we know that after you spend all day hanging out in our home and seeing the nearby town in Costa Rica, it may be time for bed. Luckily for you and your friends, there are six bedrooms in this large home that are perfect for getting a full night of sleep and waking up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.  

There are two master bedrooms with a private bathroom so you can wash the sand off your feet before hopping into the plush king-sized bed. Turn on the 55’ smart TV and watch your favorite movie before slowly dozing off to sleep! And don’t worry about your guests — they can choose from one of the other 4 bedrooms that contain 3 and ½ bathrooms, TVs, and cozy linens that are soft and inviting. Everyone will wake up in a good mood!  

Book Your Stay Today 

If this sounds like the perfect vacation home for you and a big group of friends or family reunion, we don’t blame you. Casa Patron in Playa Herradura, Puntarenas is one of the best holiday homes for those who want private outdoor space, entertainment area, and plush bedrooms to get a great night of sleep. For guests who have more than 15 people in their total a party, this massive six-bedroom home offers space and convenience. Use Stay In Costa Rica today to browse our website, check out this home’s availability, and contact us today to make a reservation!