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Every holiday in Costa Rica can be the best one, but there is something about Valentine’s Day that just shines even brighter in a country that makes love its top priority. Its warmth reflects the heat of your love, its stunning views will pale next to the beauty of your Valentine, and our Stay In Costa Rica romantic love nests will provide an idyllic backdrop to a vacation filled with love, excitement, and luxury. This guide to all the ways to make your Valentine’s Day in Costa Rica the most perfect holiday gift.

Make Valentine’s Day 2024 in Costa Rica Special

There’s a reason that traditions continue to be so, and that reason is that they work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little something new to the tried and true. Breakfast in bed has long been a beautiful way to say, “I love you,” and in Costa Rica, you can easily add to the situation simply by opening the glass doors and letting the outside in. In your wintry hometown, this would not be an option, but you’re not in Kansas anymore! The aroma of tropical flowers blending with the sounds and scents of the sea will make even a simple meal of muffins and mimosas appear more glamorous than a gourmet meal at a five-star restaurant and will offer the perfect beginning to a perfect holiday in paradise.

The Sea Awaits

After your leisurely meal, there are many options as to where this day could go next, but we have a feeling that you will want to start with at least a couple of hours of toes in the sand. Temperatures in February may feel like summer to you, and because this is our dry season, there will be no reason for skipping some time at the beach. Chances are you rented one of our beachfront escapes, and the call of the sea will be louder there and much harder to ignore, so slip into the new swimsuits bought specifically for this trip, fill up a cooler with snacks and beverages and answer that call in the morning hours of your Valentine’s Day adventures.

Luxury Amenities

Of course, the luxury amenities of Los Sueños Resort offer another way to enjoy this day of love and romance, including some lazy hours spent lounging by the pool. Our swim up pool bar will help keep the sparkle in her eyes offering the traditional beverages you love as well as some new tropical delights that are destined to add to the wonder of the day. Hang out in the resort jacuzzi, letting the bubbling waters wash away any lingering traveling plans or, if you just don’t want to leave the luxurious comfort of your love nest, most of our properties provide a private plunge pool to enjoy with the love of your life.

A Spa Day Built for Two

Another romantic favorite, a spa day, can be just the ticket and the Serenity Spa Costa Rica, located in Hotel Villa Caletas, offers a few different packages that celebrate love and romance. It will be easy to determine which package is built for two, and their Romance, Passion, and Pamper packages are where you should look first. Each include a sumptuous massage for two, adding aromatherapy, body scrubs, and in the Passion, a pure chocolate wrap that is even better than it sounds. Again, for those who don’t want to venture far from their holiday hideaway, just contact concierge services and have a masseuse sent to your room for a most luxurious indulgence.

A Meal to Remember

Can you even consider the day a success without a traditional romantic meal? As the sun begins to set, choosing El Hicaco Seafood in Jaco will offer the most delicious way to end your day of love and sunshine. Offering patio views of the sea, sweet seafood that we can promise tastes better here than anywhere else on earth, and providing an extensive cocktail menu, your dinner a deux will be the stuff dreams are made of. Also providing live entertainment, we simply can’t imagine a better place to enjoy a romantic meal.

Explore All that Stay In Costa Rica Has to Offer

We have touched on the idea of staying in and exploring the amenities of your love nest built for two, and our luxurious escapes are designed for just that. Sleep in late, lounge by the plunge pool soaking in the rays, and enjoy a Valentine’s dinner at one of the onsite restaurants, (we recommend Lanterna Italian Steakhouse) ensuring that you don’t have to wander far from your romantic escape. Every day will be as perfect as you can imagine when you choose Stay In Costa Rica and our Los Sueños holiday hideaways contact us to reserve your favorite today!

Everyone deserves a vacation in which their every need is met, their craving for luxury and comfort is catered to, and their desire for style and modern conveniences comes true. If it is your turn to experience an idyllic vacation in Costa Rica, you must know that the perfect vacation requires the perfect vacation sanctuary, and our Casa Blue Sail property may be that for you. This guide to one of our most popular vacation rentals in Costa Rica will give you a little something special to look forward to in the days leading up to your getaway of a lifetime.

Property Walkthrough: Casa Blue Sail

The best vacations can be made even better when you share them with your favorite people and Casa Blue Sail provides enough space for up to 12 people to live together in peace and harmony. Step into spaces where high ceilings make the large rooms feel even larger and walls of windows can be opened to let the outside in and vice versa. A simple décor instills a tranquil vibe, and each room flows into the other, just as views of the landscape, the sea, and the golf course Casa Blue Sail sits upon flow together in a harmonic vista you will never forget.

Relaxation Is Key

Real life can be chaotic and stressful making the relaxation you will experience in our tranquil sanctuary very necessary and although you will more than likely spend much of your time in Costa Rica outside playing and exploring, coming home to the comforts found in Casa Blue Sail may bring you your favorite moments. State-of-the-art televisions can be found, not just in the living area, but in all 6 of the bedrooms, giving guests the opportunity to fall asleep in the ways they are used to at the end of every day. Plush furnishings in the living room are strategically placed to enjoy views of the television and the vistas visible through walls of glass. Staying connected with your family and friends is easy in this open concept floorplan, with the dining room, tucked into an alcove of windows, and the kitchen, fully equipped with gourmet appliances and all the equipment needed to create a meal, allowing guests to stay connected as they do their own thing.

Do You Really Need to Be Inside?

Let’s face it. The weather in Costa Rica is as close to perfect as it can be and when you step through those walls of glass that will probably be left open through most of your stay, you may forget all about the beauty found inside the home. The large patio offering multiple places to sit and dine, including a corner filled with cushioned chairs, perched under an outdoor television. A gas grill offers an alternative to slaving in front of the kitchen range, chaise lounges dot the landscape, surrounding the crystal clear waters of the pool, the bubbling depths of the hot tub, and, are placed on a platform that offers the best views of the sea that is practically located in the backyard. Enjoy leisurely barbecues with the family, night time swims under the stars, and captivating views of the sun falling into the sea and try to forget that this moment in paradise won’t last forever.

And There’s More to Enjoy

As if this backyard oasis wasn’t enough, everyone who stays in Casa Blue Sail also has access to the community amenities of the Los Sueños Resort. A resort pool that comes complete with a swim-up bar, a variety of sports courts, an air conditioned gym, and, of course, the opportunity to hit the same links you have been watching golfers play on from the comfort of Casa Blue Sail are just some of the amenities found in this luxurious and exciting resort.

Happy Dreams

As you spend your days snorkeling, hiking, and exploring all the amenities found at Los Sueños Resort, by the time night falls over the tropical landscape, you and your favorite traveling companions will be more than ready to retreat to the comfort and serenity found in our Casa Blue Sail bedrooms. Each room offers something different, making every room the best room in the house, including ensuite baths with steam showers and rain shower heads, private access to the patios where relaxation awaits, even an office space furnished with office equipment and a desk, allowing guests to work from home, even if it isn’t their own home they are working from. Every night will offer the best night’s sleep and only happy dreams are allowed in this beautiful sanctuary perched on the edge of sea and golf course, and when you wake up each morning feeling rested and recharged, you will realize just how luxurious a good night’s sleep can really be. Contact us to reserve Casa Blue Sail today!

Everyone deserves a little luxury in their lives and when a vacation journey brings you to the tropical paradise of Costa Rica, travelers will enjoy more than a little, especially when they choose our Stay in Costa Rica Casa Selva Tica for their vacation accommodations. Casa Selva Tica, roughly translates to house of the monkeypod or raintree, offers six serene bedrooms, five and a half baths, and the room for up to 12 guests to enjoy a getaway they will never forget. This guide to all the luxuries and comforts found in one of our more popular Costa Rican vacation rentals will have you wishing your vacation journey could start right now! 

Property Walkthrough: Casa Selva Tica

The magic of Casa Selva Tica can be found in so many of its amenities, but perhaps for visitors traveling with multiple families, it lies in the versatility of the floor plan, allowing guests to stay connected while providing their own spaces to retreat to at the end of the day. Two separate living areas, both furnished with plush sofas and state of the art televisions allows for separation when the vacation world gets too people-y and an extra large kitchen offers more than enough room for more than one cook at the time. And while four of its six bedrooms offer private baths, the two remaining bedrooms share a bath in a separate but attached cottage on the property, perhaps being a great option for the mother-in-law who has sacrificed so much for her kids and grandkids over the years. Televisions in every bedroom offer more options for some downtime amidst all the adventures you will share and outside, the grassy yard surrounded by rainforest offers a private pool and hot tub for more adventures at home. 

Modern and Comfortable

The interior of Casa Selva Tica matches the modern exterior in style, but the comforts found inside could have come straight from a country farmhouse. Cool colors contrast beautifully with the verdant green of the landscape and as guests nap on lazy afternoons, play board games with the family late into the night at the dining room table, the views from walls of windows will keep the mood peaceful and tranquil. The kitchen, the heart of the home provides gourmet appliances, including a super-sized refrigerator that can easily hold all the cold beverages a traveling party of 12 will need to help make their stay even more enjoyable. And the bedrooms? Each offers something that makes them stand out in a sea of vacation homes. En suite baths, private balconies, views that are unparalleled in beauty, these rooms may be where your quietest and happiest memories are made. 

Amenities Make the Home

As you lounge around the crystal-clear waters of the pool, music streaming in your earbuds, you can rest easily knowing the full-time maid has ensured the house stays clean and neat, which is just one of the more high-end amenities you will definitely appreciate. A gas grill under the covered patio, multiple places to sit, relax, and dine on the same patio, and from some windows views of the golf course located on the other side of the trees give this home a feeling of Shangri la. Casa Selva Tica is located at the end of a quiet drive, seemingly dropped into the middle of the rainforest and feeling secluded and private, but it also offers a close proximity to the extras Costa Rican living can provide. The amenities of Los Sueños Resort are included with your rental fees and the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica are located just a mile away.  

Margaritas and Moonlight

A nighttime swim or soak in the hot tub may be one of your favorite memories of Casa Selva Tica and as the moon casts its ethereal glow over the landscape and the sounds of nature at night fill your ears with a joyful but lowkey cacophony, you will know that this vacation was the best idea you have had in years. Whip up a batch of margaritas to enjoy under the pergola by the pool, turn on your favorite streaming station, Bluetooth speakers are included, and laugh, chat, and relax until your eyelids grow heavy and your body begins to urge you along to bed. Life in Costa Rica is enjoyed at a slower pace and your enjoyment will be enhanced if you just go with the flow! 

At Home with Stay In Costa Rica

Every day will be an adventure in luxury and comfort when you choose Casa Selva Tica for your home sweet vacation home and every night will be one filled with deep sleep and happy dreams. Contact us today to reserve this stunning sanctuary today and awaken every morning feeling rested and ready for whatever adventures our beautiful country will bring, forgetting that reality exists on the other side of your vacation days! 

A vacation to Costa Rica can be a once in a lifetime experience, and the home you choose to make your own during your magical escape from real life should reflect the wonders of your getaway, something we at Stay In Costa Rica understand quite well. We get that guests should feel pampered, spoiled, and treasured from their first moments under our roofs until the inevitable sad farewell, and our Casa Solara Family abode is the perfect example. Offering 5 serene and tranquil bedrooms, an equal number of baths, and views that will take your breath away, this beautiful Costa Rican vacation home is perched high atop a hill and is filled with all the luxury amenities travelers seek. Spend your days exploring the beauty of Costa Rica with the knowledge that every night will be spending enjoying all the comforts of home. This guide will give you a sneak peek into what a vacation in Costa Rica should provide! 

Property Walkthrough: Casa Solara Family

This would normally be the point that we would begin to extoll the virtues of the inside of our luxurious sanctuaries, but today, we want to do things a little differently, especially as the exterior amenities of this stunning property will make you want to spend as much time as possible, exploring all your piece of paradise has to offer. Perched high in the hills overlooking Los Sueños, the creamy stucco walls, iron railings, and red tile roof create a dramatic contrast to the verdant landscape that surrounds it while still managing to feel cozy and appealing. The indoor/outdoor lifestyle is very popular in our hometown, and as walls of windows open out onto multiple levels of decks, you will never feel cut off from all that beauty. 

The back of the home is where the magic really happens, offering multiple places to lounge, relax, and bask in the stunning views, perhaps even from the infinity edge pool perfectly positioned to enjoy views of the bay and then the sea just beyond the trees. A hot tub will be much appreciated, offering a touch of romance intermingled with serious healing properties; travelers are often surprised at how tired and achy their muscles can get after a day of vacation adventures. Enjoy cocktails at sunset, taking in the panoramic views of green trees, red roofs, and the blue sea beyond until the sun falls into the waters and the velvety black of night reduces visibility. A private barbecue will encourage family pool parties with the main dishes being the catch of the day, caught by you in earlier fishing expeditions. The arched patio cover frames those views, with the covered portion, and the exterior furnishings underneath provide a shaded spot to nap on a sunny afternoon and your dreams of paradise will pale in comparison to the reality! 

Luxury and Serenity

When you can finally tear yourself away from the views outside, (never fear, generous windows in nearly every room ensure you never have to venture far from the vistas that have burrowed their way into your soul!) the interior of Casa Solara Family will stun you with its charm and comfort. Tile floors feel cool beneath bare feet, leading the way to a living room furnished with the softest of sofas and the most modern of televisions. Offering large screens and crystal-clear pictures, these state-of-the-art marvels are nice to have around, but quite frankly, they may lose out to the views that can be found in the space instead! Coffered ceilings, iron scrollwork and wood bannisters, and more arched windows finish up the picture of the most comfortable living room space in Costa Rica! Floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the home add a touch of elegance to the grand vistas that surround the home and can be found in the dining room, a space built to be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Play board games on a rainy evening, enjoy a freshly prepared feast every night of your stay, or simply sit in silence, drinking in the views of the pool, the bay, and the sea beyond. The kitchen is a luxurious space, offering more of those expansive views, an especially large footprint, and professional style appliances that add style and purpose to the room. 

Sweet Dreams

The final part of this tour of beauty takes us to the bedrooms of Casa Solara Family, with each room providing a tranquil magic that will ensure your dreams will be sweet ones. Premium beds anchor these rooms, views are framed in large windows that offer curtains that can be drawn shut against the Costa Rican sun on mornings you just want a little extra sleep. Private entrances to balconies overlooking the village, seating areas where coffee can be enjoyed on quiet mornings, and en suite baths that are sumptuous and luxurious and equipped with updated fixtures, soaking tubs, and soft and fluffy towels are just more extras that we consider standard in this stunning home. Contact us today to reserve Casa Solara! 

Costa Rica has a reputation of being one of the world’s happiest countries, and when you visit, whether for the first time or the hundredth time, you won’t be able to avoid feeling the same! Offering 52 species of hummingbirds, summer weather year-round, and a simple lifestyle that will soothe your soul, the only thing that will make your adventures in Costa Rica stand out even more is being able to come home every night to our Stay In Costa Rica Los Suenos Luxury Condominiums. Providing all the comforts of home and the all-important extras that remind you of just how much you are welcomed, every day spent with us will be an exercise in luxury and style, something our hard working guests so richly deserve! This guide to our luxury condos in the Los Suenos community will give you a sneak peek into all the ways life is happier and more comfortable in Costa Rica. 

Check Out Our Los Suenos Luxury Condominiums

Colors often represent feelings in our lives, and whatever color symbolizes happiness in your mind will be found right here in Costa Rica and our stunning condos! Offering a rich and verdant landscape on the outside, your color may be found in the flowers that grace the gardens found just outside the walls of windows of your home sweet vacation condo or in the bright and cheerful hues that adorn the walls of the interiors. Offering condos that range in size from cozy (and still spacious) 1-bedroom options all the way up to our expansive 3-bedroom escapes that offer an equal number of bathrooms, your vacation will fit your traveling group like an expensive leather glove. 

Step into spaces that will take your breath away while also making you feel instantly at home and prepare for an adventure in comfort you will never forget. Light streaming through walls of windows will ensure the rooms stay bright in the daylight hours, and our living rooms often allow guests to roll those windows into the walls, letting the outside in. Plush sofas are perfect for impromptu naps, state-of-the-art televisions are there to be enjoyed but may never be turned on as you easily immerse yourself into the simple lifestyle we are known for, and reminders of the sea can be found throughout. Prop a beach-themed pillow against your back and read that summer romance in the middle of winter, because in our country and in our condos, summer reigns eternal. 

We welcome large families and groups of friends, providing dining room tables with enough seats for every seat in your travel party, and when you gather around its expansive surface, you may find your laughter is uncontrollable and the conversation never ends. Play board games on a rainy day with those walls of windows open, allowing the sound of the rain bring you peace, work together to construct giant puzzles, fitting in the little pieces in between beach adventures, and feast upon the fresh produce and locally caught seafood on nights you aren’t checking out the local culinary scene. Just as in your own home, these rooms are designed to be the center of family activities! The fully equipped kitchens, located within steps of the dining rooms, will offer updated appliances large and small, stone or tile countertops, and a cheerful ambience that somehow helps take the chores out of kitchen work. 

The Natural Life

The back patios of our condos offer more surprises—these tend to be of the natural sort—and as you sink into the cushioned depths of comfortable outdoor seating after an exhilarating day exploring our natural landscape, peace and serenity will bring a smile to your face. Raise a toast to the sunset as you take your evening meal out here to enjoy al fresco and never forget these moments of pure happiness and joy. 

The Night Life

Yes, there is a thriving nightlife in Costa Rica, but we are talking about the luxurious experiences you will enjoy after the sun sets in our sumptuous vacation sanctuaries! Sit outside in the warm  air, listening to the sounds of the night before retreating to bedrooms that are designed to enhance your sleep. Premium beds topped with silky linens will feel as if you are sleeping on the clouds, and although you may not need it, televisions will be found in most bedrooms. Sitting areas, private patios, and en suite baths are some of the ways these serene spaces stand out and when you wake up each morning feeling refreshed and ready for a new day of fun and excitement, you will appreciate the little extras all that much more. Contact us today to reserve your favorite Stay In Costa Rica escape today and find your happiness! 

Costa Rica is a spectacular place to enjoy land-based adventures but those who head this way will find time on the water to be equally appealing! Travelers who book their stay at Los Suenos Resort & Marina will have unsurpassed access to our top-notch fleet of boats on-site that are designed to suit all types of adventures and on-the-water styles. The resort and marina hosts vessels that range from 25 feet to 50 feet that are manned by talented and passionate crews. Whether you’re excited to spend time fishing in Costa Rica’s world-class angling waters, or you’re more inclined to pursue amazing views and onboard relaxation, we have the boat for you. The following are a few of our small boats in Costa Rica to check out the next time you’re here. 

Small Boat Reviews in Costa Rica

If your plans have you heading out on the water with up to 6 anglers, a great vessel option is our Dream Maker. This 35-foot fishing boat is ideal for a group of six, but two additional guests can comfortably enjoy time on the waves for an added fee. The Dream Maker hosts Cummins 6C 430 HP twin engines and if you book your outing as a charter, the boat will be helmed by Captain Ezequiel Amaya. Dream Maker has everything in place to make it a successful, fun, and comfortable outing. Onboard, guests will find a GPS chart link and 46-mile radar. There’s also an automatic pilot feature, two VHF radios, a Furuno color video sounder, and an air-conditioned cabin as well. Cruising speeds on this boat reach 28 Knots with a max at 30 Knots. There’s also a kitchen onboard with a microwave and refrigerator. Dream Maker also has an onboard bathroom, and the vessel can be booked for a full day or half-day of fun depending on preference. If you opt for an all-day charter on Dream Maker, you’ll enjoy bait, tackle, lunch, and beverages included in the cost of the outing. A fishing license can be purchased in advance of your excursion on the Dream Maker as well.  

Spend Time Exploring on the Sea Fly

When you’re excited to head out on the open waters around Costa Rica with a group of eight passengers for Los Suenos fishing, booking the Sea Fly is exactly the right choice. This vessel has twin engine caterpillars and charters are helmed by Captain Carlos Espinoza. The Sea Fly is available for a full day of fun on the water exclusively and is a beautiful and sleek Maverick Yacht that’s both comfortable and refreshingly fast. The vessel can reach maximum speeds of 30 knots and provides a wonderful ride for passengers thanks to the Sea keeper stabilizer. Stepping onboard, passengers will find that the Sea Fly is outfitted with luxurious finishes and features ranging from release marine chairs and custom Alutecnos rods and reels to Garmin Marine electronics and Aftco fishing gear throughout. As with all full-day charters through the marina, booking Sea Fly comes with access to all the bait and tackle you’ll need for the journey as well as onboard beverages and a lunch. When you book Sea Fly, you’re in for a day on the water to remember! 

Make the Most of an Afternoon on the Scatterbrain

Elevating your on-the-water outing is simple when you make Scatterbrain your preferred vessel. This boat can host up to eight passengers at a time and is equipped with an Onan 27.5 Kw generator and twin diesel engines. Charters are helmed by Captain Hanzel Sandoval and can be booked as half day or full day outings. Scatterbrain is adorned with incredible features that make an outing as comfortable and convenient as it is efficient and luxurious.  

Embrace the best of life on the water by taking advantage of the full salon complete with sofas, a dinette, and entertainment center onboard the Scatterbrain. Guests will also find three staterooms and two heads and showers with hot running water to enjoy. The vessel is air-conditioned throughout for added comfort and climate control while the galley features a sub-zero freezer and refrigerator alongside a range top and convection microwave to use. There’s a water maker and ice chipper onboard the Scatterbrain and safety is prioritized with smoke and CO detectors in all living areas.  

Top-tier electronics are easily accessed on Scatterbrain as well including flat-screen televisions and impressive stereo systems. If you’ve booked time on the Scatterbrain for fishing-focused fun, you’re in luck. This vessel has terminal tackle and LP electric dredge reels as well as baitwell and “tuna tubes” in place. There’s a fighting chair with a rocket launcher onboard which works as a wonderful addition to this offshore world championship-approved boat. From the tournament-tested vessel and crew to the USCG safety package, every detail you could possibly want is in place when you enjoy a Scatterbrain outing in Costa Rica.  

Book Your Exciting Costa Rica Stay Today

Make more of every moment in Costa Rica when you book luxurious accommodations at Los Suenos Resort & Marina. Reach out today to learn more! 

Every once in a while, life gets busier than anyone would like. When this happens, it’s a good sign it’s the right time to leave the stress behind and focus on a well-deserved getaway for a while instead! Travelers who are looking for a fantastic, fun, and refreshing vacation destination to enjoy will find it waiting for them in sunny and scenic Costa Rica. Of course, having amazing accommodations in place can elevate the experience further. That’s where the team at Stay In Costa Rica comes in. Our premium condominium options at Los Suenos Resort & Marina are truly one-of-a-kind. We know that every traveler who heads this way does so with a slightly different idea of what makes a stay exceptional. To that end, we’re proud to provide the premium condominium options that are made to match personalized travel taste and style at every turn! Our guests are invited to pick and choose from a variety of our premium condominiums in Costa Rica that span diverse locations, views, amenities, features, and more. No matter what you’re looking for in a stay, you’re sure to find it when you book your accommodations in Costa Rica through us.  

Check Out Our Premium Condominiums In Costa Rica

One of our top premium condominium options for travelers heading this way is a property within Bella Vista. This condo complex is loved for its pool view stays and inspired Spanish Mediterranean style standards throughout. The classic colonial architecture is always eye-catching while the condominiums location between the Beach Club and Los Suenos Marina is picture perfect too. Here, you’re close to the ocean and the resort’s most appealing attractions at all times. Guests can choose condo options that feature garden or ocean views for a more personalized getaway experience. Many of the condos here enjoy central air-conditioning, private terraces, and gourmet kitchens right on-site. Whether you’re looking for a 1-bedroom retreat or a 3-bedroom home-away-from-home experience, Bella Vista has it all. There are also swimming pools, a community veranda, grilling areas, a hot tub, and a fitness center for guests to enjoy who book a premium condo here. 

Slip into a Vacation State of Mind at Vista Bahia

When classic colonial architecture, stunning views, and easy access to outdoor fun are just your style, booking one of our premium properties at Vista Bahia is the way to go! These condos come with access to a beautiful courtyard complete with water features as well as sweeping views out over Herradura Bay. Properties here are available with both golf course or ocean views to enjoy while guests can settle into a 1-, 2-, or 3-bedroom retreat at will. This is a top stop for those looking to spend time on the greens followed by time settled into the ultimate standards of luxury and style.  

Make More of Your Stay in Miramar & Alta Vista

For travelers who are looking to stay close to the main boulevard within the greater Vista Los Suenos area, booking a beautiful condo in Miramar is a must! This complex features thrilling and contemporary Mediterranean designs throughout and property options boast beautiful ocean views too. There are 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom condos available to book averaging 1,700 square feet of living space each. Beyond the comfort, luxury, and style of each private condo, guests who make Miramar & Alta Vista their rental choice will also have prime access to on-site amenities. These include landscaped gardens to explore, a convenient covered carport, and a double infinity pool and sun deck to enjoy as well. 

Memories That Last a Lifetime at Montebello

A stay in Montebello promises to be a dream come true every step of the way. Here, guests can enjoy a stay in a 3-bedroom, 3-bath home-away-from-home with ocean views included that are sure to inspire. Montebello sits within easy reach of the Beach Club, the marina, and delicious dining options for those moments when cravings come calling. Guests who choose Montebello for their premium stay will also love that this destination hosts swimming pools, grilling areas, sun decks, a hot tub, and a gym. There’s never any shortage of options for fun when you select Montebello the next time travel plans bring you to Costa Rica.  

Extras That Make All the Difference

No matter what premium condominium experience our guests select, when they book through Stay In Costa Rica, they can count on enjoying world-class concierge services that make all the difference. Our guest services team can help take care of travel needs and we proudly offer a 24/7 customer care line. We’re happy to help organize ground and air transportation for our guests including private vans, helicopters, limos, and beyond. Looking to book tours that enhance your getaway experience further? Our team of experts is ready and waiting to make sure you enjoy the area’s premier tour operators and savor every second of your stay. Reach out to learn more about the many exciting options and how we can help you turn Costa Rica travel plans into a reality soon!

Are you a Costa Rica vacation property owner looking to maximize your earnings? Our Costa Rica FlipKey management can help you increase your return on investment!

Are you interested in spending time in one of the most beautiful places in the world? We don’t blame you! Plus, we have top-tier accommodations in Costa Rica options for you and your loved ones to enjoy the beach, the lush green forests, white sand beaches, bright blue waters, and pristine weather. Yes, you guessed correctly – we are talking about the tropical island of Costa Rica. This amazing and breathtaking country features tons of indoor and outdoor things to do during your vacation here. Plus, when you use Stay In Costa Rica, you can rest assured every single property is held to the highest standard. 

If you are heading here with a big group, nothing is better than the Magnifica 5-bedroom home. This spacious mansion is a modern and intricate property that can easily fit you and nine other people in the five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. 

Property Walkthrough: Magnifica

As soon as you see the outside of the house, you will be blown away by the large pool. This infinity pool is great for lounging around at night with a glass of wine, teaching our kids the basics of freestyle, and chilling out after a long and hard hike in the nearby forest. Plus, at night, you can soak in the warm hot tub to ease your aching muscles from all of the activity over the past few days.  

If you would rather spend your free afternoon reading a book and relaxing instead of doing any strenuous activity, lie down on one of the plush lounge chairs with a book and listen to the sounds of the rainforest out of your back door. You can also sit around one of the outdoor tables with your friends to play a game of cards, enjoy happy hour drinks, or chat about plans for the upcoming trip.  

Lastly, we absolutely love the covered outdoor seating area that is ideal for a rare rain spell or a super hot and humid day. We recommend sitting at the long outdoor dining table and enjoying an alfresco meal as the ceiling fan cools you off.  

Kitchen and Dining Area 

Another great area that is ideal for entertaining your guests is the kitchen and in area. We love sitting at one of the numerous plush and cozy bar chairs and eating appetizers with our friends as we sip on a glass of wine. Even if you are not a huge fan of using the kitchen, we guarantee you will enjoy using the stainless steel amenities, granite countertop, ample floor space, and white cabinets for storing your favorite snacks. After preparing a quick breakfast for your guests or making a full dinner spread, you can sit and relax at the large dining room table that is plenty big to fit you and every one of your guests!  

Living Room 

After a long day of traveling, hiking, surfing, or walking around the nearby shops, it might be time to just relax and lie down with your feet up. We don’t blame you! Fortunately, our living room features plush couches, cozy chairs, a large flat-screen smart TV, and a coffee table for you to kick back and relax any time, day or night. The eclectic mix of chairs, tables, large windows to let in natural light, and lighting fixtures make the living room a fun and cool area to spend most of your time.  


The bedrooms leave no stone unturned. We make sure that every detail is well taken care of so you feel relaxed, de-stressed, and comfortable in the bedroom you choose. Our beds feature plush linens, soft linens, great views outside of the window, ceiling fans to help cool you off, tons of floor space, cabinet space for your clothes, bedside tables for storing your books and charging phones, and extra seating areas.  


There are additional amenities and finishing touches in our private villas in Costa Rica that we think make this property stand out among the rest. You can use the pool table in the living room to challenge your friends or family to a game of pool to see who is the best! You can also make full use of the state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, such as the new freezer, refrigerator, microwave, oven, or stove, to quickly prep and cook your food. We also offer two wine chillers so you can keep your bottles of white nice and fresh to serve with dinner. Plus, feel free to use the outdoor jacuzzi and pool any time during your vacation to cool off or heat up after a long day of exploring the nearby town.  

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As you can see, Stay In Costa Rica only offers the best of the best to our clients. That is why our guests come back year after year to experience all that this beautiful country has to offer. Stay with us to have the vacation of a lifetime!

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Costa Rica is truly the place of dreams. Not only can you enjoy the tropical vibes, never-ending beaches, friendly people, and bright blue water, but we guarantee that the accommodation you choose will be one of your trip’s highlights. That is if you stay with Stay in Costa Rica! We do our best to ensure everything is top-notch for you before, during, and after your vacation in Costa Rica.

And we offer a large range of Costa Rican vacation rentals that can suit your unique needs and preferences. For those who have a large party and want to make the most of their high-end vacation, you can’t go wrong with Casa Oasis’s 5-bedroom home with your very own private pool.

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As soon as you see the exterior of the home, you will be blown away by the exterior space, amenities, and bright blue pool. In the morning, you can head outside to your own private pool and swim a few laps. We also love just soaking and relaxing in the cold water to start the day. Or, head to the hot tub and ease your aching muscles after that long hike you had yesterday in the lush greenery!

If you would rather just relax, don’t worry — this outdoor space offers tons of seating areas to choose from. You can sit at an outdoor table with your best pals, enjoy happy hour drinks, and watch the sunset in the distance. Or, lounge on one of the relaxing pool chairs and prop your feet up to rest your legs. The beautiful outdoor space, pristine architecture, palm trees, wooden flooring, and seating areas are plenty big for you and 13 other people to have drinks and relax.

Living Room

The living room in this beautiful home is cozy and comfortable. You can sit in any one of the plush and cozy couches to relax and chill out with a glass of wine. There are two leather couches that are great for sitting and watching TV or your favorite flick before bed. Or, if you would rather have a beer and chat with your friends, or read a book, the cozy chairs are ideal for sitting and relaxing.

Modern Kitchen

Need to prepare a quick snack to bring to the beach? Head to the modern kitchen with an open floor plan just steps from your living room. We love the wooden detailing, dark brown furnishings, and cream walls that create a seamless vibe that carries well throughout the home.

The modern kitchen features a large granite countertop with high bar stools that offer plenty of seating for you and your guests. Plus, the modern stainless steel appliances and wooden cabinets offer space for holding, cooking, and storing food during your stay here. Even if you are not Chef Ramsay, you will still love using this functional and aesthetic kitchen as the focal point of the home!


As soon as you see the home, you will be blown away. That is because we spare no expense at this property when it comes to aesthetics, appearance, and amenities. We offer the best of the best to our guests so you can really feel like you are staying in your very own mega-mansion during your time in Costa Rica.

We offer foosball and ping pong tables so that your younger kids or teens can stay entertained the entire time. This separate ‘game room’ is great for those who need some independence and private space to enjoy with their friends.

We also offer a freeform pool with a jacuzzi and swim-up bar, so you can keep the party going even when you are in the pool! This functional party spot is great for large groups who want to never run out of drinks during their luxury vacation.

Plus, our property offers a full-time maid, so you never have to worry about cleaning up or taking out the trash. We know that a fancy vacation has all services included, so we take care of the housework for you so you can just relax. After all, a vacation should be stress-free!

Furthermore, we offer a SONOS home stereo system throughout the house and exterior space. You can keep the party going all night long with good vibes and upbeat tunes that you can control!

Lastly, we offer a serene saltwater pool with no chlorine for better skin health. Forget having allergic reactions to strong chemicals and enjoy this natural pool that is great for floating, practicing your freestyle, and teaching your kids how to swim.

Your vacation in Costa Rica should be luxurious and high-end! After all, it might only be once in your life that you come to Costa Rica. We want to make it as amazing as possible with a stay at our Casa Oasis. That is why we leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing our guests with the best experience they have ever had on vacation. Contact us to book your stay today!

Are you looking to stay in the beautiful country of Costa Rica for your upcoming vacation? If so, we don’t blame you! There is SO much to do and see here that you will never tire of being in this tropical paradise. But where should you stay for your upcoming Costa Rica vacation? If you are having trouble finding the best place for you and your best pals to stay, we can help you with the research, booking, and staying here! 

We make sure that you have the best vacation of your life when you rent a vacation rental in Costa Rica. The ample outdoor and indoor space here is plenty big for you to enjoy without feeling like you are on top of one another! Plus, with our Villa La Perla Family house, you will have tons of space for you and your extended family, co-workers, group of friends, or colleagues. 

Stay at Villa La Perla on Your Costa Rica Vacation

As soon as you walk outside of the home, your jaw will drop. The amazing scenery, palm trees, never-ending views over the lake, and plush couches and furniture are ideal for hanging out on a hot summer day, taking a dip in the pool, or just gazing at the breathtaking views from your property.

We love going for a swim early in the morning in the infinity pool. After a long hike in Costa Rica through the jungle, you can also head into the hot tub to ease your aching muscles! If you would rather just relax with a cold beer or glass of wine, you can sit on one of the couches, put your glass on the wooden coffee table, and gaze at the sunset over the bright blue water. There is also a dining room table out here so you can have an al fresco meal with your family and chat about what to do for your upcoming vacation.

Common Space

The interior of the home is not any less spectacular. Once you cross through the wooden entryway and open the large, heavy doors, you will be blown away by the high ceilings, wooden beads, intricate chandeliers, modern decorations, wooden textures, and cream color scheme that make it feel like you’re staying in a component of a modern mansion and medieval home!

Head over to the living room to lie on the couch, sit back in the leather chair and read a book, or watch your favorite TV show and chill out with your friends. You can sip on a glass of wine and watch your favorite flick or flip through the streaming services on the large, flatscreen smart TV.

For a formal meal, head to the super-long dining room table that is plenty big for you and all of your guests. The long wooden dining table with wooden chairs and a large chandelier make it feel like you’re dining in a castle!


To make a hearty and fresh dinner, walk into the modern and functional kitchen. The open floor plan makes it easy for you to get around in no time at all! The kitchen features a granite countertop for preparing food, serving appetizers, and having happy-hour drinks. We love the wooden cabinets for storage space, stainless steel appliances for cooking or baking food, and the coffee pot for making a fresh cup of coffee for your guests early in the morning!


Last but not least, we have the immaculate bedrooms. Just because you have tons of guests staying in your house, it doesn’t mean people will have to share! This home offers four large and plus bedrooms that feature oversized beds, comfortable bedding, fluffy pillows, and a low-key atmosphere that makes it easy for you to fall asleep in no time at all. You will always wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested here!


Villa La Perla has no shortage of extra amenities and add-ons that make it unique and special when compared to other properties in the area. This house features a large terrace with spectacular ocean views.

The house contains three master suites with a private bathroom and walk-in closet to store all of your clothes. The home features central air conditioning, so you never feel hot or humid during your stay on this tropical island! Plus, the home features a laundry room with a full-sized washer and dryer to keep your wardrobe clean and tidy.

Plus, our hands-on customer service and knowledgeable professionals set us apart from other rental companies and property management businesses in the country. We make the booking process as seamless and easy as possible, so all you have to do is just show up and have a good time.

Staying in Costa Rica provides luxury experiences that we know will make your holiday truly the best of your entire year. Contact us for more information!