There is so much to do in Costa Rica all year round! But if you head here during the summertime, you will be blown away by the pristine weather, annual events, friendly people, mouth-watering food, and good vibes. Let’s check out the top summer events of 2023 in Costa Rica that are a must-attend. We promise you are going to have the best summer of your life!  

The Top Summer Events of 2023 in Costa Rica

There is no shortage of festivals in Costa Rica this summer. One of our top choices is the Fiestas de Zapote in San Jose, featuring amusement park rides, bull riding competitions, running of the bulls in the streets, music for old and young people to enjoy, and mouthwatering desserts.  

Another family-friendly festival — although it mainly focuses on the adults in the crowd — is the Carnaval de Limon in Limon, a port city that is home to a massive celebration of the fusion of both African and Caribbean culture on display with costumes, floats, music, beer, and great food! 

For those who come to Costa Rica during the early summer months, you can spend your time at the Envision Festival in Uvita in February, featuring live music, electric tunes, yoga sessions, wholesome activities, campsites, and movement therapy.  

However, we think the best festival that you NEED to go to during your summer in Costa Rica are the ones surrounding Dia de los Trabajadores, also known as Labor Day in the United States. We love the Fiestas Patronales San Marcos and Coronado with a street fair and music, Labor Day parades and cricket matches, Fiesta Pattraonale Desamparados with bullfights and traditional food, and much more!  

Dia de Guanacaste 

For those who want to escape the crowds and come to Costa Rica during the later summer months, the Dia de Guanacaste is one of the best days to explore this beautiful country. This day celebrates the annexation of Guanacaste and features bullfights, cattle shows, rodeos, traditional music, food, dance, and good vibes that are sure to carry over to the rest of your vacation. Plus, July is the time for the Fiesta of the Virgin of the Sea, featuring parades, fireworks, and dances!  

Virgin of Los Angeles Day 

Another fun day that is a must-celebrate during your summer in Costa Rica is the Virgin of Los Angeles Day, which is the country’s largest religious holiday! This is a great way to understand the country’s religious backing and learn more about the culture of this beautiful area. If you come to Costa Rica in August, you will also be able to take part in the bubbly and bustling San Ramon’s Day Parades in San Ramon, Alajuela.  

Independence Day 

One of the last must-do holidays and festivals in Costa Rica is Independence Day on September 15th, featuring parties, festivals, live music, great food, and good vibes traveling up and down the country. We love coming at the end of the summer to experience fewer people, fewer crowds, lower prices, and more locals who are willing to interact with you and talk about their beautiful culture!  

Costa Rica International Festival for Peace  

The Costa Rica International Festival for Peace is a beautiful and exciting event held in Costa Rica. This international festival is held in San Jose, San Vicente, and other locations in the country. The purpose is to host an International Choral Fest for Peace featuring international choirs. You will be able to listen to various choirs, such as adult mixed voice choirs, male or female choirs, or youth and children’s choirs singing and promoting peace, music, and nature.  

Accommodation in Costa Rica  

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