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Teeming with life, Costa Rica is a vibrant paradise nestled in the heart of Central America. With the Atlantic’s Caribbean Sea to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and flanked by Nicaragua and Panama to the north and southeast respectively, this is a country full of diversity and life. Its capital, San José, pulsates with the rhythmic vibrations of Costa Rican life. Conversations in Spanish, the country’s official language, fill the air with a symphony of sounds. While financial transactions are handled with the colorful Costa Rican colón, its official currency. Read below to learn all about Costa Rica for your next visit.

Learn All About Costa Rica and Its Natural & Cultural Beauty

One of Costa Rica’s crowning glories is its extraordinary biodiversity and one of the things to know about Costa Rica is it is one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet. The country stands by its commitment to environmental protection and conservation. So much so that the government takes active measures to conserve its lush rainforests, stunning wildlife, towering volcanoes, and glistening rivers. Costa Rica’s national parks are havens of natural beauty, with the exquisite beaches and diverse wildlife of Manuel Antonio National Park, and the imposing grandeur of Arenal Volcano at Arenal Volcano National Park standing out as notable examples.

Costa Rican culture is a melting pot of indigenous legacies. Spanish colonial influences, and Afro-Caribbean traditions, come together to create a unique cultural mosaic. Ticos, as Costa Ricans warmly refer to themselves, are known for their affability and laid-back demeanor. The phrase “Pura Vida,” meaning “pure life,” is what they use to describe life here. This phrase truly sums up the spirit of Costa Rica. Life here helps you cultivate an optimistic outlook and celebrate life’s simple joys.

Costa Rica is a treasure trove of adventures. This inviting country with its lush landscapes beckons you to lose yourself in nature. Feel the adrenaline rush of white-water rafting, soar across canopies on a zip-line, go scuba diving, or surrender to the soothing warmth of natural hot springs. Keep your eyes peeled for a variety of bird species and other awe-inspiring wildlife. Nature enthusiasts will find themselves in paradise. Costa Rica’s coasts are a symphony of exquisite beaches that provide a tranquil retreat, thrilling surf spots, and unmatched scuba diving or deep-sea fishing experiences.

One of the things to know about Costa Rica is that Costa Rican cuisine is a delight to the senses. Rooted in simplicity and taste, meals often center around rice and beans. A beloved breakfast staple is Gallo Pinto, a hearty mix of rice and black beans. Other traditional dishes include Casado – a balanced platter of rice, beans, plantains, meat, and tortillas.

Plan Your Visit

Costa Rica is a traveler’s dream come true. Whether you’re seeking heart-stopping adventure or serene relaxation, Costa Rica unfurls a variety of options for you to explore. Get ready to experience the natural beauty, warm culture, and delicious foods that make Costa Rica so wonderful. Immerse yourself in the Pura Vida with accommodations by Stay In Costa Rica. Contact us today to book the perfect vacation rental for you!

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