If you have visited Costa Rica prior, you probably have some very definite ideas on what you want to do and how you want to spend your vacation moments, but for those who are visiting for the first time, the opposite can be true. Yes, you want to spend as much time at the beach as possible and of course, you want to explore all the comforts and luxuries of your Stay in Costa Rica serene sanctuary, but obviously there is so much more that awaits you of which you are unaware. We want all our guests, return visitors and first time travelers, to experience all that they can and offer this guide to the best tours in Costa Rica, encompassing land, sea, and sky, will help you choose all the ways you want to fill those precious vacation moments!

Best Tours In Costa Rica

Starting with a reminder that even though these are adventures that may begin on land, at some point during any experience, the sea will become a part as well! Even our ATV Tours, lasting between 2 to 5 hours, will take you to waterfalls and beaches as you also explore remote villages where time never seems to change their lifestyles and rainforests filled with wild animals and luxe canopies of green. Offering a beautiful adventure for seasoned or novice ATV Riders, these adventure tours begin at $70 per person for a 2-hour ride through paradise, increasing in cost per hour.

For those who like their land adventures with a little less horsepower, taking a horseback ride through the rainforest and farmland of a naturally beautiful preserve may make your vacation absolutely perfect! Our Horseback Riding- Jungle Spa experience may just change your life, offering a spring fed waterfall at its epicenter, with spa volcanic spa mud that will refresh your body and spirit! This adventure costs $100 per person.

Park Adventures

There are two park adventures you can partake in during your getaway to Costa Rica, both offering the opportunity to experience the rainforest at its best, swimming in crystal clear waters, and possible encounters with wildlife, including 3 species of monkeys, 400 species of birds, and quite possibly visits from shy and slightly lethargic sloths. Manuel Antonio National Park ($99 per person) and Carara National Park ($78 per person) are destined to bring you photo opportunities producing frame-worthy photographs and create memories you will tuck away in your heart forever.

Water Journeys and Activities

As you can imagine, the opportunities to explore the water are plentiful in Costa Rica, and we at Stay in Costa Rica offer a plethora of water related tours! Explore ancient mangroves with our Isla Damas Mangrove Tour, take a boat ride on the wild side with a River Rafting Tour down the Naranjo, El Chorro, or Savagre Rivers, and kayak or canoe with a guided tour that includes all the equipment, water, and fresh fruits you need! Surfing Lessons are provided allowing thrill seekers to hang ten with the best of them.

And adventurers of all kinds may want to test their balancing skills with a SUP or Kayak tour and those who like to feel like they are flying on the water may prefer the sailing classes we offer, picking up a new skill or maybe they will want to take part in our Sailing Catamaran Cruise. This last tour takes participants to an uninhabited beach where they can play, relax, or snorkel, enjoying lunch and an open beach bar, ending with a sunset sail that will bring you back to the comforts of your vacation sanctuary!

Our Tortuga Island Catamaran Tour is another option, especially for those who just don’t have it in their DNA to sit still for long, offering the chance to ride the banana boats, explore the underwater life while snorkeling or swimming, or hike along island trails where the beauty of nature fails to excite.

Sky Adventures

We’ve explored land and sea and all that is left is to look to the skies! Flying through the trees attached to a zipline is one of our favorite ways to see the area and our Canopy Zipline will show you the region from a new point of view! Our Waterfall Tours offer land, sea, and sky adventures as you stand behind the falls, swim underneath their spray, or simply stand at the top watching the world around you.

Although your feet will remain firmly planted on the wooden planks of the hanging bridges or the mossy trails that lead through the rainforest, the Monteverde Cloud Forest tour will take your breath away as you explore nature from new angles. Rainforest Adventures take travelers on an aerial tour of the transitional forest, including ziplining, climbing waterfalls, and the opportunities to learn about the creatures who make their home in the rainforest. Also offering the Poas Volcano Day Tour and the Hot Springs and Arenal Volcano Tour, the skies will bring you adventures you never knew your soul needed.

But Wait, There’s More!

We definitely do not subscribe to the “less is more” life theory, and our exploration of tours continues with a thrilling adventure of the most coldblooded kind. Our Crocodile Tour takes visitor downstream on the Tarcoles Rivers, bringing them through the mangroves and to the spots where the coldblooded reptiles like to warm themselves on sunny days!

And finally, at the end of the day, when you may be tired of exploring the landscape you can take your adventures indoors for a little local flavor, taking one of our Cooking Classes that will teach you how to eat like a Costa Rican! Every adventure we offer promises excitement and the chance to reach new horizons, but your favorite adventures may be the comfortable ones that involve coming home to our Stay in Costa Rica sanctuaries! Contact us today to reserve your favorite today!

Joaquin Rodriguez

Joaquin Rodriguez

Joaquin Rodriguez, originally from Argentina, fell in love with Costa Rica’s magic in 2002 and never looked back. This experience grants him an insider’s perspective to curate unforgettable adventures in the heart of Los Sueños. As a partner at Stay in Costa Rica, he leverages over 20 years of experience in both resort and travel management and property management services. He helps travelers create dream vacations while ensuring homeowners get the most out of their properties, all with a seamless and stress-free experience (as holidays should be!). When he’s not crafting the perfect itinerary, you might find Joaquin teeing off on a local golf course, exploring a breathtaking national park with his wife and their two teenage daughters, or playing fetch with his beloved dogs.