We all deserve to have a little luxury in our life, whether it is as simple as an extra hour’s sleep in the morning or as magnificent as a luxurious vacation to Costa Rica, the extras make the not-so-extra moments more bearable. When we at Stay in Costa Rica are traveling, one of our favorite ways to treat ourselves is with a gourmet meal at a high-end restaurant, reveling in the fine-tuned service and savoring the sophisticated blend of flavors that please our palates. If this is your idea of a good time, we have created this guide to our favorite high-end places to eat in Costa Rica, a topic we have researched well because everyone knows that luxury begins at home.

High-End Places to Eat in Costa Rica

Have you ever noticed that the best meals somehow taste better when accompanied by ocean views? Maybe it is the serenity the sea provides that settles tense tummies, or maybe it is just impossible to be anything less than happy when staring out at blue waters, but whatever magic there is in an sea view, the Hook Up, located on the second floor of the Marina Entrance Building, has captured it, offering an extensive menu of burgers, sandwiches, seafood, tacos, and pizzas. The views of the bay and the mountains may be secondary to the food on your plate but they will add to the wonder of this resort restaurant.

Al Fresco Beach Club Restaurant & Swim Up Bar, Los Sueños Beach Club

As the name suggests, Al Fresco offers an outdoor dining experience, one that is shaded by umbrellas and palm trees and offers views of the sea and the pool where the swim up bar is located. Offering a complex menu of local favorites, elevated pub grub, and woodfired pizzas, a sour note is never experienced at this charming restaurant that may become your newest obsession.

Bambú, Los Sueños Resort

It’s always the right time for sushi, and with the waters that surround our tropical hometown, you must expect the fish used will be fresh and sweet, and you will be 100% correct.

Bambú, offering views of the harbor and a patio that will make you wonder why you ever wanted to eat inside a place with roofs and walls, is famed for its sushi. The rolls you dream about are served here every day from 11:30 AM until 10:00 PM, and because it is a resort restaurant, you can have your favorite sushi delivered to your vacation sanctuary.

Restaurant Lanterna, Los Sueños Resort

This next fine dining establishment offers the added benefit of being located not far from your Stay in Costa Rica luxury abode; it is located on the premises of Los Sueños Resort. Billed as an Italian steakhouse and is also open every day of the week from 11:30 until 10 PM, its patio overlooking the harbor is where you want to enjoy this Italian meal, especially if your visit occurs around sunset. Their menu filled with Italian classics and thick and juicy steaks never fails to impress and for those who want the luxury food without having to leave the comforts of their resort love nest, they offer home delivery to guests of Los Sueños Resort.

Hacienda Kitchen, Los Sueños Marriott

Another luxury restaurant with a close proximity to your home sweet vacation home, Hacienda Kitchen offers a little something extra in that it serves breakfast as well. Luxury doesn’t always have to begin with the setting of the sun, and Hacienda offers poolside tables, a casual vibe (high end does not have to be stuffy as well) and the breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes that best represent a taste of Costa Rica.

El Pelicano Restaurant, 61101, Province of Puntarenas, Jacó

Open every day of the week from 11:30 AM until 10 PM, El Pelicano is a special occasion restaurant serving an expansive menu of your seafood favorites and a large selection of new dishes that you will soon fall in love with. Speaking of love, El Pelicano offers an air of romance, making it one of our favorite places to celebrate anniversaries, the birthdays of our true loves, and in some memorable cases, it has served as the backdrop to the most important question ever asked. Offering ocean front views, their patio, shaded by palm trees and overlooking the beautiful blue sea, this special restaurant will offer a meal to remember.

Restaurante Kathia, M82W+4C3, Puntarenas Province

Life is quite casual in Costa Rica, something you will discover in most ocean villages all over the world, and high-end can often mean the quality of the food and the skills of staff and Restaurante Kathia is a perfect example. Perched on the beach overlooking the sea, this family run business is located just outside the gates of Los Sueños Resort, close enough to your Stay in Costa Rica sanctuary that after your meal has been devoured and you have had your fill of sea views (is that ever possible?) you can be back “home” within minutes, enjoying more views of the turquoise waters!

Come Home to Stay in Costa Rica

The simple joys of good food and refreshing beverages are enhanced by the luxury and comforts our Costa Rican sanctuaries, and on those nights you don’t feel like going out, or not up to trying out the high end appliances in our Stay in Costa Rica kitchens, guests can still enjoy the food from the Los Sueños Resort, simply by having your favorite meals delivered to the doors of their home sweet vacation homes. The moments you spend with us will be the moments that bring light to dark days and smiles to the faces of dimpled toddlers. Contact us to reserve your favorite escape today!